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Band of Brothers: The Day the Irish Brigade Saved the 9th Massachusetts

Historical Art Prints

"Brothers of Ireland," by Don Troiani, depicts the 69th New York and 9th Massachusetts Infantry regiments in battle at Gaines…

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Lusitania, 1915


This is reposted from Eamon Loingsigh's blog, which you can find here:

The panoramic photo above is actually from 1907 at the Chelsea piers of Manhattan, well before the outbreak of World War I. On this day (actually yesterday) in 1915, it was sunk by a German U-Boat off the coast…


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SRO Event Launches Irish Commemoration of America’s Civil War

Dublin, Ireland (First published 4/23/11) - April 12, 2011 marked the 150th anniversary of the Confederate shelling of Fort Sumter, and with it the onset of America’s long and bloody Civil War. Two days later, the first recorded fatality of the five-year conflict occurred, with the death of…


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Immigrant Dreams Founder Off Long Island

I look where the ship helplessly heads end on,

I hear the burst as she strikes,

I hear the howls of dismay,

They grow fainter and fainter.

– From "The Sleepers" by Walt Whitman

Left, a Currier print…


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Remembering Dan Kelly of Tir Chonaill

Scarsdale, N.Y. (First publish 11/9/10) -- If there was ever a man who demonstrated that one need not raise one's voice to shrillness to be heard, it was Donegal native Dan Kelly, a successful entrepreneur who spent a good part of his last few decades furthering the heritage of his people, on both sides of the Atlantic. For those efforts, and with great…


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Che Guevara: Father of Revolution, Son of Galway

By Joseph E. Gannon

"Now are you men, or are you kine, ye tillers of the soil? Would you be free, or evermore the rich man's cattle toil? The shadow on the dial hangs that points the fatal hour - Now hold your own! or branded slaves, forever cringe and cower."  Fanny Parnell (1849 - 1882)…


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'Father of the American Band' Hailed By Manhattan Parish

New York (first published 9/26/10 Friday, September 24, 2010 was a particularly auspicious day to bear the name Patrick in the grand environs of Chelsea's Church of St. Francis Xavier, despite the fact that it is nearly six months to St. Patrick’s Day.

More than 30 faithful gathered in the…


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Honoring Father William 'Fair Catch' Corby

(First published on 9/23/10) - On the broiling afternoon of July 2, 1863, just south of Gettysburg, Pa., a Catholic priest in a black frock coat mounted a rock and raised his right hand in the direction of a Union army unit known to history as “The Irish Brigade.” The brigade’s men were moments from marching to a…


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'Catholic Game,' 'Duffy's Cut,' The Celtics, Galway 'Ghost': What's New Among The Wild Geese . . . Today

Dinning Finishing Documentary

Writer and producer, David Dinning (right) is preparing for his next trip to Northern Ireland later this month.  David is finishing up a documentary he has been working on for the past four…


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Corca Dhuibhne's 'Place of Goodbyes'

Photo by Wilfred Judd

Window of an abandoned cottage.

By …


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Free book "Irish-American Chronicle"

There's still time to receive a free copy of "Irish-American Chronicle." Just send your email address to with the subject :The Wild Geese." No message is required. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose. The offer expires Sunday May 13.

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Discovering My Irish Ancestry -- From Chicago To Limerick


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Free Kindle Book Exclusively for Members of The Wild Geese

To thank The Wild Geese for recent a recent piece in which he was featured, author James Francis Smith is offering a copy of his Kindle book,…


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Founding Member



The Irish Cultural Society will give cash awards to thirty five students who wrote winning contributions in its writing contest.  The awards ceremony will be held at the Garden City Library (across the street from the Garden City Hotel) on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.  At the meeting, three prize winning papers will be dramatized.   An expected outcome of the meeting is that the…


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Searching Robert Campbell's Family Tree for Fortune

By Lawrence Campbell 

My interest in genealogy began when I was told that my grandfather, William Hagen Campbell, inherited money from America. Depending on who told you the story (and how much they had imbibed), it varied between £500 and £10,000! The only way to find out was to get the facts myself. I only had one clue to go on -- a small…


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Gaels Looking Forward to Warmer Weather

New York -- Today I once again had the pleasure of communing with several dozen gathered at the Irish Consulate’s monthly and public “First Friday Business Breakfast.” Imbibing orange…


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Recalling a Final, Bittersweet Trip Home to Monaghan


(Frank McCaughey and his sisters Mary Beth and Anne brought their father’s remains home to Ireland last year.

Frank wrote about the experience and it is reprinted here with his permission.)



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My Irish Story James Francis Smith, author of The Irish-American Story Series


The grandson of Big John Meehan from Sligo, Mary Ellen McLaughlin-Keane from Galway, Bridget Munnelly from Mayo, and Matthew Smith from Cavan ended up with the least recognized Irish name of them all. I can’t begin to tell you how many times, I’ve been asked, “Smith, huh! English … right?” When I meet up with my ancestor Mac an Gabhann—the one who anglicized our family name to Smith—he…


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