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Welcome to the hub of one of the most popular ongoing features here at The Wild Geese.  It's a feature which brings another element of both fun and education to the community.  We call this continuing feature, "Crosswords at the Crossroads," as it will consist of a regular series of -- you guessed it -- crossword puzzles.  Each of these puzzles will, naturally, consist of a different Irish theme. 

The name reflects what this community is all about.  In days gone by (and even today in some places), members of an Irish locale would arrange a meeting "at the crossroads" for a ceili or some other event.  Our "locale" happens to be the entire world, and this site serves as our "crossroads."  These puzzles are another way to enjoy our association through our common Irish heritage.

These puzzles will be open for any and all to complete, but periodic members-only crossword competitions will be rolled out for a bit of extra competitive fun ... and prizes!  So, if you fancy yourself a puzzle whiz, be sure you've registered your own membership here at The Wild Geese so you can get in on the action and show us what you're made of!

We'll post new puzzles periodically, followed by the puzzle answers the following Monday.  This gives you the whole weekend to sort out the correct answers, which you may need for some of the more difficult puzzles to come.

Have fun, and go n-éirí!  WG


Puzzle Archives

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County Fair (How well do you know the nicknames of all 32 Irish counties?)

Irish Wordsmiths (How well do you know Irish authors and poets?)

"Grá XOXO" (for Valentine's Day)


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