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This Week in the History of the Irish: March 15 - March 21

Courtesy of the Carter House Archives

The Carter cotton gin, at the Carter House in Franklin, TN, site of some of the most intense fighting on November 30, 1864.…


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The History of the Irish Brigade

Bert Cunningham, historian of the 69th Infantry Regiment of the New York National Guard, spoke about the history of the Fighting 69th at the March 11, 2015 meeting of the Irish Cultural Society at…


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Michael Collins: A Young Captain in the 1916 Easter Rising

Michael Collins was the youngest son of a farmer, born in the west of the County of  Cork, Ireland, in 1890. The Collins were relatively prosperous, as poor farmers go: his father held 90 acres, which his grandfather had in turn also…


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Where Every Day Is Bathed in ... Green

The "Great Day" is approaching again.

On St. Patrick's Day all around the world, the Irish and those who love all things Irish will be…


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Ógra Skincare - An Irish Anti-Aging Regimen 10,000 Years in the Making

ÓGRA, a Gaelic word meaning youth, is Ireland’s only full range of cosmetic products that uses peat from raised bogs as the integral ingredient in its range. Since time immemorial, nature has held the secrets to youth, beauty and vitality. Deep in the valleys of Ireland, we have uncovered this secret. 

ÓGRA was…


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Will the Luck of the Irish Shine on Israel on St. Patrick's Day?

Israeli citizens are poised to go to the polls March 17th to vote in an election that will determine who will be the next Prime Minister.  According to yesterday's New York Times front page story headlined,…


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Leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising: Michael Mallin

Michael Mallin was born in 1874 in the Liberty tenements Dublin.  He was a son of a carpenter, but his early days living in Dublin elude historians.  It is, therefore, his teenage years that are the focus of this biopic.

At the age of fourteen years he joined the British…


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A Black Lily Rose

“The song is ended (but the melody lingers on.)” – Irving Berlin


It was spring; although the season did not represent itself well, a hard chill dusted the evening air as I ascended the steps to a large Huguenot doorway. My appointment was for seven o’clock, but my watch read sixteen minutes past, I snorted under my breath frustrated at my…


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'The Sound of a Country' - Irish-Indian Music Documentary

In December of 2014, the Irish traditional fiddle and guitar duo of Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill joined sarod player Matthew Noone on a tour of India to play several shows as well as meet and collaborate with a host of famous Indian traditional musicians.  Myles O’Reilly…


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A Trinity of Irish Bread Recipes

In days gone by, there was a popular Irish…


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My School Days in Bray, County Wicklow

 Childhood memories if School . In Ireland school days commenced at the age five years . I was born in the January – so I was five and a half years old when I started school/ I followed my older sister Ronnie [Veronica] and brother Pat [Patrick or Watser- his nick name] who also attended St Patricks National School Bray Co Wicklow . Pat however had been transferred up to St Cronins School boy’s school before I started school. My mam ; aunts and uncles all attended St. Patricks R.C School…


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Reply to Comment from MJ Neary on the 1916 Easter Rising Leaders

Hello M.J Neary ; thank you for your comments on the 1916 Easter  Rising . I started to do the blogs about the Leaders; as it is coming up to their Centenary 2016 . 

I was amazed and quite frankly ashamed that there were so many of them that I knew absolutely  nothing about . It was certainly a challenge for me and quite a learning experience as well . Tears were flowing as i was typeing in the text. 

The Book - That's just how It Was - I have written it as a tribute to my…


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The Connection Between Ireland and Egypt

In A.D. 451, the new Byzantine Emperor Marcian, an orthodox Christian, ordered a new Ecumenical council be convened to establish once and for all, the belief that Christ was and is both God and Man. Pope Leo 1 called for it to be held in Italy but Marcian insisted it be…


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'The Impasse': A Short Story Set in 5th Century Ireland

Europe, in the middle of the 5th century A.D., was in darkness and fear was dominant. The Master (the druid) sensed fundamental change. The Roman legions were advancing rapidly and had already crossed the Rhine. A new religion was upon him and his people.

In the…


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Leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising: Sean Connolly

Sean Connolly was born in Sandymount, Dublin in 1883.  His family had been driven off their land during the Land League era.  Connolly and all his siblings were steeped in nationalism and all that Fenianism stood for.  When his father, a sailor, left his seafaring job, he…


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The Titanic Pen: Written in History

These are the Peninsula Pens that have been made for the celebrations of the Titanic that my family had an involvement in.  It is so humbling to have a great-grandfather…


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Look what one sees in the doolin cave...10K years old.

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Day Five on Your Cupid's Crusade Adventure: The Aran Islands

On day five of your adventure with Cupid's Crusade, we take a trip from Doolin, County Clare to the Aran Islands in the mouth of Galway Bay.  The Aran Islands are the birthplace of the sweater worn by so many the…


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