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We at TheWildGeese.Irish, along with partners Wild West Irish Tours, WOW Air, and Irish American News, are collaborating with YOU to explore the sheer drama of travel in the west of Ireland, in"The 'Wild West' of Ireland: You Won't Forget Your First Time.” The focus spans 24 days, beginning Sunday, May 17, and ending Wednesday, June 10.

Pacing the promotion of Ireland’s ‘Wild West’ is a contest offering the winner two free tour packages to the ‘Wild West’ of Ireland,courtesy of Wild West Irish Tours, plus your airfares.

Your Wild West Irish Tour will include 9 days/8 nights of a fantastic personalized tour, 4-star B&B accommodation (including daily breakfast), all ground transportation, entrance to historical sites, two boat trips (weather permitting), and pick up/drop off to the airport.

(Photo, Croaghaun Cliff, County Mayo, via Wikipedia)

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Once on board, tell us why you “want to experience the ‘Wild West’ of Ireland,” in one of four formats readily supported onTheWildGeese.Irish -- a blog post of any length, a photo, a collection of photos ( a photoalbum), or video. The subject line of your entry must include the words "Wild West of Ireland" to be eligible for consideration.

A panel of judges we’ve recruited will select the winning entry,based on the entry’s creativity, originality, passion, humor, and ability to engage readers and viewers. There are no size or length restrictions.

The contest is limited to legal residents of the United States or the District of Columbia, and an individual is limited to one entry.

So, in short, here’s the deal: Persuade our judges why they should provide you this opportunity to tour the ‘The Wild West’ of Ireland at virtually no cost. You must use one of the four media listed above.

If your pitch is a standout, you might win a 9-day Wild West Irish Tour, for you and your guest, plus round-trip airfare from WOW Air. That's about a $6,000 worth of travel. Here’s the ‘fine print,’ aka rules, that govern the contest. 

Tell us why YOU want to experience the ‘Wild West’ of Ireland, and you might win a free 9-day trip there, courtesy of Wild West Irish Tours and WOW Air. Get the details!

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Comment by William J. Martin Jr. on May 19, 2015 at 10:58am

Being 100% Irish in heritage, I longed for a trip to Ireland. When a chance to make this happen, I jumped at the opportunity. The first sight of the green hills of Ireland from the airplane, told me I was home.  I know, it sounds silly to say this but I just had this feeling throughout my body.  In the ensuing two weeks, the feeling only grew and I knew that I would hate to leave There is so much to see, partake in, indulge your mind in that parting was a sweet sorrow.  I would love to return and experience my rebirth again. Asmy mother would say' "Erin go bra ugh."

Comment by Gerry Regan on May 19, 2015 at 11:11am

Bill, I do hope you enter the contest. This is a good start. I can tell you somebody is going to win. It might as well be you! :-)

Comment by David C. Parke on May 20, 2015 at 7:38am

I haven't been back since 2011.  I love the West of Ireland and all of it's history and tremendous sights. The people there are so genuinely warm and friendly and care about tourists which is different from many other places. I want to go back as I am getting older and would love to go "Home" again.

Founding Member
Comment by Terrance O'Hara on May 21, 2015 at 11:41am

The Wild West of ireland

The first thing I noticed On the Wild West of Ireland web site was that they only did Ireland tours. A lot of the "tour" companies will include Ireland as well as Italy, Spain, England etc.. Then I looked at their tour itinerary...and it didn't include Blarney Castle. Nothing against Blarney Castle, but I'm surprised they don't hand out green plastic derby's on their tours. Then, the last, but not least,thing that impressed me most was the glowing recomendation from Joe McGowan. I have never met Mr. McGowan (I feel like I should call him Joe) but I have followed his many interesting and informative articles on The Wild Geese Site, of which I am a charter member.

I am of Irish heritage but I was not born in Ireland...but Ireland was born in me, and I would so like to return home before I am unable.

Terrance O'

Comment by Gerry Regan on May 22, 2015 at 3:42pm

Terrance, to be eligible for the contest you need to create a blog post when logged in to TheWildGeese.Irish, with the words "Wild West of Ireland" included in the subject line of that blog post -- this is close but not quite there.

Comment by Honora Wright Weaver on May 22, 2015 at 6:13pm

As I'm reading the blogs it seems to me that Ireland calls out to her descendents to come home.  Everyone says, in one way or another, that they feel a connection or a need to go to Ireland.  

Comment by Gerry Regan on May 28, 2015 at 12:27pm

Yes, quite striking that, isn't it, Honora. Where do you feel the strongest and most primitive pull 'home'?

Comment by Honora Wright Weaver on May 28, 2015 at 4:34pm

My third great-grandmother, Honora Casey, was born May 2, 1845.  I found this information while I was doing my research on her and thought maybe she was one of the Honora's in Cork but now I'm leaning towards Galway or Mayo because that is where her mother's maiden name, Thornton, was most common.  I have Irish born ancestors on one line of my father's side and both lines on my mother's but the only city I know for sure is Colerain.  I have concentrated my research for the last year on Honora Casey and her husband, William Potter but I also have Concannon, Terry, McKinley, Armstrong and Murphy ancestors I need to research. 

Comment by Tari Bramlett on May 31, 2015 at 10:50am
The "Wild West of Ireland" is the only location outside the USA on my Bucket List!!  
I am so very excited for my First Trip to Ireland!!!

     My oldest daughter moved to California about 8 years ago from Michigan, where I am now.  One day, on my lunch break from work,(St Patty's Day, actually, but it was so early in California, she hadn't realized it yet) Tara called me to tell why she had insisted I get a Passport about 10 months earlier, she said, "I have to tell you why I had you order your passport Mom (I had forgotten about it after filing it away) It's so we have time to learn, plan....We're going to IRELAND Momsy, just you and I!  Hopefully next Spring!"  'Trip of a Lifetime' for me!  (My mom had always wanted to see Ireland, too, but she was afraid of flying)   I cried!!!  Just her and I, together, in the land of shamrocks, fairies, leprechauns and castles!  What an Amazing Gift she is giving me!  My Grandfather, who died when my mother was a very young girl, was in a Wales Catholic Orphanage (not sure if he was from Wales or originally from Ireland) and had come to America as a stow-away on a ship.  His younger had been adopted by a Canadian farming family and he followed his brother on the ship.....eventually the two brothers, John & William Lloyd, found their way across the Detroit River and into Michigan, where they later met and married sisters, Mary (my grandmother) & Mina.   

     On my Father's side of the family, we have Irish roots back about four generations. It has been my life's (silent) dream to someday be able to see the beautiful, lush green hills & valleys, the Quilt Land of Tipperary, Holy Wells, forests & ruins and to visit where my ancestors once lived!  I have been clipping articles and reading and researching over the past few years, creating our Ireland "Bucket List".

     P.S....When my daughter called, that St. Patty's Day 2012 morning, and said, "next Spring", we had no idea what God had planned for them later that year!  Their first child!  My beautiful & amazing Grandson!  So, "next Spring" is yet to come. 

May the Luck O' the Irish be with Us All!!  Thank you for this amazing chance!!

Comment by Tari Bramlett on May 31, 2015 at 11:32am

The "Wild West of Ireland" This is a collage of only a very small sampling of photos that I have gathered and added to a folder of Bucket List Places to Visit in Ireland. Many were borrowed from Peg's Cottage, Wild West Irish Tours, and WillowBrook B & B Facebook pages over the past 6 years. I though I would share a few with all of you


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