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The Cultivation of a Canine

I must stress upon the reader the fact that no animals were harmed in any way during the writing and re-telling of this story. It is true though, that the star of the tale was definitely shocked, awed and mesmerized not to mention puzzled, bewildered and befuddled. As you read, I am sure you will agree that the unruly canine brought it upon himself with his dogged actions towards my hapless father.…


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Happy Birthday Mal.

Thanks for all of the inspiration Mal.


"Yes dad."

"Whatever you do, Don't die with Regrets."

"Don't worry dad, I wont'"

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The Maigue Poets

Geneticists at Trinity College, Dublin have recently discovered that the Irish gene pool is the least diluted in all of Europe if not indeed, the world. They have also discovered that the Irish traveling people (tinkers) are purely…


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The Rhythm of Time.

This was written in a prison cell by a fellow Irishman, kindred spirit, poet, soldier and a far braver man than I. Bobby Sands, adhering to the ancient Brehon Law of fasting, died while on hunger strike in Long Kesh prison camp for his political beliefs on 5/5/’81.

The Rhythm of Time

There’s an inner thing in every man do you know this thing my friend?

It has withstood the blows of a million years and will do so to the end.

It was born when time did not exist and…


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'Back When' - A Lifetime in 1,000 Words

Oh! to return to that time, place and space of yesterday's papers. Back when I was young, undaunted and sure of nothing, stronger than an oak, spellbound in innocence. Back when being seventeen was wide-eyed and ‘rarin to go, driven by the magical, heady arrogance of youth. Back to that time of transitional transmissions when the curtain was torn down, rent…


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The Dalin' Man from Crossmaglen.

The dealing man can still be found in every market square and bazzar in towns and villages around the world. Their nationalities and languages may be different but the art of dealing always follows the same ancient ways. Dealing men were expected to look the part at all times and had a common mode of dress with only slight…


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The Storytellers.

This I wrote as a tribute to all writers, poets, musicians and artists, who from time to time experience bouts of what I call the nasty, malodoros S.S.E. (shitty self-esteem). Consider this as a pat on the back which will encourage us to keep on creating and hopefully ward off the regrets.

All artists, writers, musicians and poets have the uncanny ability to tap into the realm of spirit. It is a gift that enables us to transcend the mundane, and experience the world as we see and feel…


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The Rapparee

In memory of my ancestor William Brennan (Brennan on the moor) who chose to become a highwayman after his forebears were ousted from their ancestral home in county Kilkenny, during the Norman invasion of Ireland.

He rode from high to the valley floor,

then hid behind the rowan tree.

It was time to settle a deep-set score

and seek vengeance for his family.

They took the land they took their pride,

rode roughshod o'er the scattered…


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The First One

Ireland emerged slowly from the death grip of the last ice-age around 10,000 years ago. The land bridges which connected it with its nearest neighbors, England and Scotland, vanished as the vast…


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The Scribes

In A.D. 406 during a particularly harsh winter, the river Rhine froze over. Across this temporary land bridge poured hordes of Germanic tribes led by the charismatic Aleric, King of the Visigoths. This singular event precipitated the fall of the Roman…


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The Swans


He glides across the smooth lakes’ surface,

but she is nowhere in sight.

Stately he moves on ever through the night.

A moonbeam beckons to a hidden place,

where once they did dwell.

Fasted now! Maybe she lays there

and love again might they share.


But no earthly sign now, only pain.

Mute and no sound…


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The Enchantress

The Enchantress is the last poem in a trilogy. "The Hill" is the first one followed by "The Solstice."

The Enchantress

They used to…


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The Hill

Atop the mystical hill of Tara stands the stone of Fal, one of four treasures brought to Ireland by the Tuatha de Dannan. It is otherwise known as the ‘stone of destiny.’ There, through the ages, all ard ri (high kings) were crowned. Marriage ceremonies took place there also. These rites were always blessed by the Druid, the holy man of the Celtic peoples. The Brehons, the…


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The Night Owls

My writing has always been deeply influenced by the Irish writers whose inspiration prompted me to pick up the quill and follow in their footsteps.  This is my humble tribute to William Butler Yeats ...

I went down to the cool, dark woods,

when night owls were on the wing.

On earthly ghosts and raging floods

embraced my lonely…


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The Real Ireland

I set up my blog here with the intention of telling the real, deeper story of the land of our collective birth -- Ireland.  Mise Eire. Not the watered-down, errant Hollywood version. Not the version beaten into us by harsh invaders. The real deal, if you like. Anyone reading it…


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The Singing Bones

"A writer is not interested in explaining reality. He’s only interested in capturing it.” ~ Brendan Kennelly.

 Inside my father's bones lie a million secrets.

 Secrets passed down the long chain from…


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Don't Die With Regrets.

John Anthony Brennan is a native of Crossmaglen, a small, tough town in County Armagh, Ireland. A town, like Ireland herself, which has survived much pain and hardship through the centuries beneath the invaders harsh heel. His new book,…


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Ferguson: The 'Mad Mechanic' From the Mourne Mountains

Pictured Harry Ferguson and Henry Ford.

Repost in honor of his Birthday.

Henry George "Harry" Ferguson, 4 November 1884 – 25 October…


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