We were expecting her unwelcome visit thanks to the ingenious invention of Radar, which had been developed during the dark, frightful years of World War II. All we could do was prepare for her inevitable onslaught. She was conceived and born on the African continent and like all newly born, was small, but would soon grow into an uncontrollable, raging demon.

She knew that she would be well fed as she wafted slowly out over the rugged coastline and started her journey of utter destruction. She met several others just like herself as she travelled westward, all from the same nursery. Soon, they joined together in their deadly dance and began their feeding frenzy. The ocean temperature being warmer than normal became a vast, sustaining hotplate and she delighted in this.

The suction created by her rotating winds allowed her to draw copious amounts of moisture into her ravenous coils and encouraged her to spin furiously. As she approached the Leeward Islands she knew that a useless name and meaningless numbers would be assigned to her in a futile attempt to understand her. Maybe it was believed that in doing so it might lessen her fury but she knew better. She had become a grotesque, howling monster and desired to enter the history books. 

She was the first of many, many more to come and now there would be no stopping her.

Sated, she headed straight for the nearest land mass to wreak her vengeance.

Remembering Hurricane Sandy (October 2012)

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Don’t Die with Regrets: Ireland and the Lessons my Father Taught Me.


The Journey: A Nomad Reflects.


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