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This Week in the History of the Irish: October 18 - October 24

LUAIN -- On October 19, 1751, Charles Edward (Jennings) Kilmaine, general in the French army, was born at Saul's Court, Dublin. His father was a physician from County Galway. Though the family name was Jennings, Charles became known as Kilmaine in France after the area of County Mayo which had been…


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Your 'Wild West' of Ireland Is ThisClose ... WOW!

Would you like to bring a pal to the 'Wild West' of Ireland for free? Read on!

We at TheWildGeese.Irish, along with partners Wild West Irish Tours, WOW…


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In `92, Billy Yank and Johnnie Reb March in Dublin

By Joe Gannon and Gerry Regan

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been 23 years since we participated in one of our most memorable St.…


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Where Every Day Is Bathed in ... Green

The "Great Day" is approaching again.

On St. Patrick's Day all around the world, the Irish and those who love all things Irish will be…


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The Irish in Colonial Era New Orleans

By Dr. Laura Kelley

Usually, when we speak about the Irish Diaspora in the USA, New Orleans is not among the cities that first come to mind as centers of Irish population and…


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For Irish in NYC, September Brings Focus on 1916, 'The Alt,' Fibin, Baseball

Up and Coming: We're delighted to put the spotlight on a growing number of intriguing events in metro New York in September. Here's a sketch of each along with links for more information: 

(BTW, don't hesitate to reach out to fellow WG in…


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The Wild Geese’s Latest Initiative: Relentlessly Uncovering Our Irish Ancestry

We in The Wild Geese social network, now 13 months old, are experiencing a swell of interest and passion in exploring Irish ancestry among our growing membership. No surprise, considering that we as a community have already produced thousands of pages of content -- articles,…


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Great Day for Tipp Hill -- Syracuse To Grab Green Spotlight

Syracuse, N.Y. -- Syracuse is proud to host the Irish event of the year on Wednesday, 30 April 2014.

Featuring history, sports, film, music and song, this is an occasion not-to-be-missed -- combining the efforts, support…


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Assessing Titanic's Irish Connections Part 2: A 'Titanic' Legacy, In Film and Story

By John Walsh

Lovers Jack Dawson (Leo DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) take to the floor at a hooley in steerage in James…

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Assessing Titanic's Irish Connections: Part 1 -- 'From Titanic. Good Bye all.'

By John Walsh

"Titanic Sinking" by Willy Stöwer. Click on image to see a larger…

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Remembering JFK: A Community Chat

The following is a transcript taken from the LIVE Community Chat chat hosted here at on Friday, November 22, 2013 -- the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.  Some editing has been applied for clarity.

The Wild Geese:  Céad míle fáilte, a chairde! So glad to see…


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Hitting the Road To Trace The Easter Rising

By Robert A. Mosher…


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‘Irish Music Forever’: Irish and British, and Keeping in Touch

(First published on 3/22/12) Irish Music Forever is run by devotees of Irish heritage based in Nottingham, England, including Pat Kehoe. He and his colleagues plainly love Irish songs, music and all aspects of the Irish cultural experience. Like millions of the…


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Writing Epic Tales of the Irish: Q&A with James Francis Smith

(First published on 2/10/12) Seattle-based author James Francis Smith, 78, found his current calling after he retired from a career in industry and finance.  He has been writing historical fiction for the past 10 years, starting with “Western…


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3,000 Facebook Followers, Now The Big Winners

The Wild Geese Facebook page surpassed the 3,000-follower mark on Monday, June 3rd.  In…


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'Time and Tide': Q&A With Poet, Writer and Sociologist Jean Tubridy

(First published 1/26/12) Waterford-based poet, writer and sociologist Jean Tubridy (left) writes about her Irish experience, often in lyrical, charming terms, in her blog, Social Bridge. In the following excerpt, she describes a recent night in her home town of Tramore: “At about ten o’clock on New Year’s Eve,…


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Building a trail to recall the Irish role in America’s bloodiest war

(First published 12/14/11) 2011 marked the 150th anniversary of the start of America’s Civil War, and in Ireland, a group of historians and writers used the occasion to promote the concept of a Civil War heritage trail. Archaeologist Damian Shiels and writers James Doherty and Robert Doyle  [All three…


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Q&A: Morning Star's Mary Courtney on Her Influences, Musical and Otherwise

(First publish 11/15/11) Mary Courtney is a Kerry-born folk artist and New York resident, and she is lead singer, guitarist and bodhran player for Morning Star [pictured below], a traditional Irish band that regularly travels between shows in the United States and Ireland.  Her music incorporates traditional Irish folk sound with a progressive social…


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Biography on the extraordinary life of John Boyle O’Reilly becomes an event

By Robert Doyle

Dublin, Ireland (First published 10/5/11) -- “Although this is…


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A Chat With Photog and Musician Christy McNamara

A native of Crusheen, County Clare, Christy McNamara has spent a lifetime telling stories of the people of rural Ireland through his photography and his music. He is a true insider, having grown up in a household filled with traditional Irish…


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