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This Week in the History of the Irish: September 14 - September 20

CÉADAOIN -- On Sept. 17, 1860, units of the Irish Battalion of St. Patrick of the Papal army fought a Piedmontese army allied with Garibaldi at Spoleto. Spoleto was a walled city south of Florence with the fortress of Rocca…


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Commodore John Barry Day, 13th September

Commodore John Barry (1745-1803) a native of County Wexford, Ireland was a Continental Navy hero of the American War for Independence.  Barry’s many victories at sea during the Revolution were important to the morale of the Patriots as well as to the…


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'Back When' - A Lifetime in 1,000 Words

Oh! to return to that time, place and space of yesterday's papers. Back when I was young, undaunted and sure of nothing, stronger than an oak, spellbound in innocence. Back when being seventeen was wide-eyed and ‘rarin to go, driven by the magical, heady arrogance of youth. Back to that time of transitional transmissions when the curtain was torn down, rent…


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'The Last Torch' - Cast

Come meet the cast of "The Last Torch"!  

"The Last Torch" is set in 16th century Ireland, where survivors of a shipwreck from the Spanish Armada have washed ashore,…


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A Day at the State Department - September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001, I was at work in my newly remodeled office at the State Department.  Following my normal routine, I was at my desk looking at the morning newspaper for any story that might require attention or action on my part for the noon press briefing that…


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Crucial Victory on Lake Champlain – '9/11' 1814

America’s Second War for Independence (1812 – 1815)

The War of 1812, also known as America’s Second War for Independence, was a contest to see if a free, republican form of government could…


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No Dragons Visible

I haven't seen any Dragons lately,OK....Maybe when I'm over served :)   Since these Majestic creatures have been on vacation, I think that Kings & Queens, should also take a back seat. No one needs to be indentured, especially by the English monarchs.

Being of a Scot decent GGG Grand,  Shepherd's Klan, My Grand…


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Learning How to Speak Like a Native Irish Speaker

Like any other language, the goal is to constantly aim for a higher level of written and spoken understanding. The path to this enlightenment can be achieved by taking the next step of predicting what native speaks would say in person, on the radio, or on television.To begin,…


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Free Course from Trinity College!

Did you know that Trinity College in Dublin offers free courses? There's one offered right now that you can still get in to called Irish Lives in War and Revolution: Exploring Ireland's History 1912-1923

Explore the lives of men, women and children living through war and revolution and social…


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Eugene O'Neill: Deep, Dark Irish Literary Genius

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill (1888 – 1953) was an American playwright and Nobel laureate in Literature. Born in a Broadway hotel room in Longacre Square (now Times Square), in the Barrett Hotel. He was the son of Irish immigrant actor James O'Neill, Rosbercon, County…


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RE/MAX 'Walk For Life' 2014

We recently became involved with one of the biggest charity events in Ireland. The launch was over the weekend. Below is a little info on the event and the press release.

Men, women and children are called on to Walk for Life this October in Aid of the Marie Keating Foundation.

Launched Dublin, 8 September 2014: Television and…


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Scottish Independence: Oh Those Pesky Flags

This whole Scottish Independence vote thing has got me worried. I mean if it passes and Alba does become independent, what will the new flag of the “Kingdom of Great Britain” look like?…


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Cuimhin Linn - Nos Acordamos - Vivan Los San Patricios!

Each year, on September 12, Mexico pays tribute to the San Patricios at San Jacinto Mexico City. A Memorial Plaque was installed back in 1959 on the wall facing the plaza. The plaque was designed by Lorenzo Rafael, son of Patricio Cox, who wrote the first book, a novel in…


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Glens of Antrim

These nine famous glens, endowed with evocative names and blessed with a diversity of landscape are also rich in history, in folklore and in the natural beauty that is a world away from the frantic bustle of modern life. Famed in legend are the magnificent Glens of Antrim.…


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This Week in the History of the Irish: September 7 - September 13

Linen Hall Library

Lord Charles Cornwallis had already lost one colony, and his reputation wouldn't survive the loss of another.

LUAIN -- On September 8, 1798,…


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I will be reading 2 poems about how from the front seat of my yellow cab I have been driving New York City crazy for 30 years.

Three Rooms Press presents The Monthly at Cornelia Street Cafe

Labor Par-tay!

A Look at All Things Labor: The Party, The Job, The Birth of a New Creation

Friday, September 5, 6 pm

Cornelia Street Cafe 29 Cornelia Street (between W. 4th…


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From Tile Media, An Exploration of 1916's 'Terrible Beauty: Áille an Uafáis'

On September 25, 1916, William Butler Yeats penned the words “a terrible beauty is born” as he wrote about the Easter Rising. …


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Gardens and Country Parks of Ireland's Causeway Coast

To witness the drama of Ireland's Causeway Coast and Glens is to walk with the ancient spirits of its deep glens, forests, gardens and country parks. Experience a unique blend of majesty and sheer beauty. You won't just walk or drive through this land:…


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Researching Your Irish Family History: Census Search Forms

Those of us who are involved in long term genealogical research note that ages recorded on census returns and, indeed, on death records are frequently found to be quite inaccurate. There may be many reasons for such inaccuracies, not least because some individuals may not have known…


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Irish Free State history

I'm getting more and more people, mainly in Ireland but all over the world, looking at my website to find out the recent development in the history of the Irish Free State.

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