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Discuss Halloween Origins and Traditions with Author Joe McGowan


This Thursday, October 31st (Halloween), members of The Wild Geese will have the chance to join in on a LIVE community chat with author and historian, …


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A Short History of the Celts

By Patrick Lavin (First published in 2004)

The Celts stand out as one of the most daring of all the ancient European people in the history of pre-Roman Europe. They arrived on the European stage in prehistoric times as a "fierce naked warrior class that collected enemy heads as war trophies," and evolved into a singular culture that flourished…


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'Fadó Tales of Lesser Known Irish History'

It is still a work in progress, but my second book is to be published in October. It deals with lesser-known aspects of Irish history. The cover is being designed as we speak and should be ready within a fortnight. Some of the chapters appear on my blogspot:

Here is a description of my latest book on…


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Hennigan’s Heritage Centre: A Link to a Vanishing Past

By Joe Gannon

On our recent trip to Ireland my wife and I visited a small museum in Killasser, Swinford, County Mayo, which should be on the itinerary of anyone who is ever in the area and is interested in Irish history and culture. The greatest treasure at Hennigan's Heritage…


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Wexford Ancestors & Druids

UPDATE:  My Irish Backpacking, No-Low Budget, Roving Reporter Tour So Far!

The Ferry to Rosslaire across the Irish Sea from Pembrook or a flight to Dublin from Warwickshire and a train down to the Parish of Carne and the most likely villages of my Scallion and Doyle ancestors? A bus to one of the two hostels in Gorey and/or pick up a tent and sleeping bag and camp out at beautiful…


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3,000 Facebook Followers, Now The Big Winners

The Wild Geese Facebook page surpassed the 3,000-follower mark on Monday, June 3rd.  In…


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A Chat With Photog and Musician Christy McNamara

A native of Crusheen, County Clare, Christy McNamara has spent a lifetime telling stories of the people of rural Ireland through his photography and his music. He is a true insider, having grown up in a household filled with traditional Irish…


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Kentucky Derby Special: A Tip for Punters -- 'Me Maw'

With the Kentucky Derby fast arriving, our own Maryann Tracy decided to take a look at a truly dark-horse candidate to finish in the Winner's Circle in Churchill Downs on Sunday. Remember you first heard it here, at The Wild…


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The Sweet Taste of an Ancient Celtic Festival

Beltane (“Bealtaine” in Irish) is a festival with ancient origins traditionally celebrated on May 1st, a spring time festival of optimism.  Most commonly it is held on the first day of May, or about halfway…


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Some references relevant to William Lamport aka Guillèn de Lombardo

In lieu of a proper essay or introduction (which I hope to do later; photos of visit to 3 Lamport sites in Mexico City to follow sooner...), here are some online references as background, relevant to William Lamport aka Guillèn de Lombardo - "The Irish Zorro":

Gary D. Keller,

"Noble Bandits in the Context of the Humanities and Media Studies"

Arizona State University / Noble Bandits project,…


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Her Name is Sheela, and She Commands Your Attention

Strutting their genitalia, Sheela-na-Gigs remain a provocative presence in ancient Irish churches. Part 2 of the 3-part series ‘When The Goddess Ruled’

By Ronnie T. Stout-Kopp

Special to The Wild Geese…


Added by Joe Gannon on February 19, 2013 at 8:30pm — 5 Comments

Brigit: The Goddess Who Became a Woman, and a Saint

In Part 3 of WG's 3-part series "When the Goddess Ruled," Ronnie Drew-Kopp explains why Brigit remains a uniquely Irish figurehead, with a legacy of both Goddess and Christian saint.

By Ronnie T. Stout-Kopp

Special to The Wild Geese…


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When the Goddess Ruled

The first of a three-part series recalling the time before Patrick, before Jesus, even, when Goddesses, such as Maeve, Eriu, Banba, Fotla, and many others, dominated the panoply of Celtic deities.

Part 1: The Mists of Time…


Added by Joe Gannon on February 19, 2013 at 8:00pm — 7 Comments

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