'Reamonn': Stories From Irish Life as a Young Man in England

This is my first Blog post, so I'll start with an introduction, and future blogs will just be about the episodes and individuals

Nation of Storytellers Podcast

I have started a podcast that aims to capture the stories and storytellers of Ireland, in the hope that it captures both the history and the spirit of Ireland and Irishness. The format is just that I sit down with guests and ask them to tell me a few stories, uninterrupted, and it was born from my own desire to capture the stories of my own, now-elderly father (who'll feature in an episode in the New Year!). Aside from creating content for the purpose of the podcast, I also aim to capture as much of each individual's stories as I can for themselves and their families to keep.

It is a humbling experience to be welcomed into people's homes for them to tell me their stories in the open manner in which they do, and I hope what I produce 

There are currently 3 episodes available with a lot more coming in the New Year, but I will introduce you to my third guest in this blog

Episode 3: 'Reamonn'

I met Reamonn through in Dublin's heartland - the Liberties - where he lives in an apartment with The Iveagh Trust, who are a registered housing charity. He lives alone, and is currently undergoing intense dialysis for a failing kidney. He is a natural orator, and has a way of drawing you into his stories.

Reamonn had some very interesting stories to tell me. He was born in Roscommon to Cavan and Wicklow parents, and moved to Liverpool as a young man for his schooling.

From there he worked many jobs between Ireland and England and became an actor

Reamonn is a fascinating but humble character, who told me that I made him sound more amusing and entertaining than he is, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

I will allow the man himself to tell you you more about himself in the stories in the podcast!

Link to episode:


The episode is available on all podcast platforms -- iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

Taking part and feedback:

The last thing for me to say now is that the podcast needs you!

I am always looking for people to take part, so if you would like to, or you know someone who would, let me know.

If you have any feedback at all I would also be very grateful to hear it. I want the podcast to preserve some of Ireland's heart, and so I want to make it as good as possible, only your feedback will help me to do that.

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