Some references relevant to William Lamport aka Guillèn de Lombardo

In lieu of a proper essay or introduction (which I hope to do later; photos of visit to 3 Lamport sites in Mexico City to follow sooner...), here are some online references as background, relevant to William Lamport aka Guillèn de Lombardo - "The Irish Zorro":

Gary D. Keller,
"Noble Bandits in the Context of the Humanities and Media Studies"
Arizona State University / Noble Bandits project,
"In 1959 Eric Hobsbawm published an essay, "The Social Bandit," in his book Primitive Rebels: Studies in Archaic Forms of Social Movement in the 19th and 20th Centuries. In it he explored "the curious fact that exactly the same stories and myths were told about certain types of bandits as bringers of justice and social redistributors all over Europe; indeed, as became increasingly clear, all over the globe" (Bandits, ix)...
Bold Caballeros and Noble Bandidas is dedicated to personages from the vantage point of popular culture, not historical veracity. Our emphasis is on the dynamics of popular culture and its almost limitless ability to create noble bandits, whether from real life models, the collective consciousness of a people (such as Robin Hood), or the pens of authors... while the models in the living social reality of the Cisco Kid, Zorro, the Avenging Arrow, or the Bandit Queen are a secondary consideration... what is definitely of primary importance is the history of how these personages of popular culture have manifested themselves and evolved over time in various forms of communication, ranging from the media of oral tradition (ballads, tales, legends, drama, accounts, and so on), through the media of nineteenth-century publication (including posters, nickel and then dime novels, literary fiction, newspaper serials, short stories, and poems), to the kinetic media of film and television..."

Ryan Dominic Crewe,
"Lamport, William [Guillén Lombardo] (1610-1659)",
Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography,

Natalia Silva Prada,
"Irish News in the New Spanish Kingdoms: The Circulation of Political Information about William Lamport and Diego Nugent, 1642-1667",
"Irish Migration Studies in Latin America" 7:1 (March 2009), pp. 5-20.(

Fabio Troncarelli (professor in the Department of Human Science at Università della Tuscia, Viterbo; author of "La Spada e la Croce: Guillén Lombardo e l’Inquisizione in Messico"),
"The Man Behind the Mask of Zorro",
History Ireland,

Gerard Ronan (author of "The Irish Zorro: The Extraordinary Adventures of William Lamport (1610 - 1659)"),
"William Lamport 1615–1659 (alias Guillén de Lampart, alias Guillén de Lombardo): A Brief Biography",
The Lambert Family Homepage and Archive,

Andrew Philip Konove,
History 400: Senior Thesis Seminar, Bryn Mawr College,

José Ortiz Monasterio,
'Historia y Ficción: Los Dramas y Novelas de Vicente Riva Palacio,
("Memorias de un impostor: Don Guillén de Lampart"), [en español]
Universidad Iberoamericana (via Google Books),

Gary D. Keller
"JOHNSTON McCULLEY (1883-1958)" [author of Zorro books],
The Bold Caballeros and Noble Bandidas educational project - Ariona State University,

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