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Death on the Railroad - Secrets of the Dead - Duffy's Cut documentary on PBS May 8, 2013 10 PM PBS TV

 I went to a preview of Tile Film of Dublin's new documentary Death on the Railroad, an episode of Secrets of the Dead, is airing nationally Wednesday May 8th, 2013 at 10 PM on Chanel 13 in New York and Chanel 12 (WHYY) in Philadelphia.   Do NOT miss this.  It tells the unbelievable story of the death of 57 Irish Railroad workers on Mile 59 of the railroad being built in bucolic Chester County.  The historical event has been called Duffy's Cut - named after the brutal Donegal born Irish…


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Making Films That Afflict the Comfortable: A Chat With Director Ken Loach - Part One

(First published in 2007) British filmmaker Ken Loach took time out from editing his latest film, about the exploitation of immigrants in Britain, to chat with WGT. He spoke on a range of subjects, including "The Wind That Shakes the Barley" (his second film set against the Irish War for Independence, now on screens in the U.S.), British policies in Ireland, his unusual…


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Filmmaker Loach's 'Route Irish' Indicts Privatization of Iraq War

Review By Kieron C. Punch / Associate Editor

Coventry, England -- Veteran British director, Ken Loach, doesn't make movies for the popcorn munching, mainstream, cinema-going public, weaned on mindless blockbusters.

Instead he makes thought provoking, abrasive films that frequently challenge the political establishment and serve as a social…


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Come With Us to Cúirt

Established in 1985 and quickly becoming one of the premier literature festivals in all of Europe (and beyond), the Cúirt International Festival of Literature launched its 2013 programme on the 23rd of April.  This annual festival based in Galway continues to…


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The Sweet Taste of an Ancient Celtic Festival

Beltane (“Bealtaine” in Irish) is a festival with ancient origins traditionally celebrated on May 1st, a spring time festival of optimism.  Most commonly it is held on the first day of May, or about halfway…


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Free Kindle Book Exclusively for Members of The Wild Geese

To thank The Wild Geese for recent a recent piece in which he was featured, author James Francis Smith is offering a copy of his Kindle book,…


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Q&A with 'Lockout' Playwright, Historian Ann Matthews

Historian Ann Matthews, author of “Renegades: Irish Republican Women 1900-1922,” understands intimately the kind of…

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1917 Indreabhán Tragedy Recalled by Connemara Monument

With the bombings in Boston earlier this week still freshly on my mind, it led me to think of a few photographs I captured just a few weeks back.  The cross monument you see in these photos stands near our house here in Indreabhán (or Inverin) Connemara.  It marks the spot where nine Galway fishermen were killed by a floating German…


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But For the Grace of God ... The Dublin/Monaghan Bombings

I am reprising this April 26, 2013, post to help commemorate the 40th anniversary of this, the modern-day 'Troubles' deadliest atrocity. Feel free to comment on the day's significance in WG's Forum.



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This Week in Irish History - Apil 7 - April 13

DOMHNAIGH -- On April 7, 1865, Brig. Gen. Tom Smyth was mortally wounded at the battle of Farmville, Virginia. Born in County Cork,…


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Gaels Looking Forward to Warmer Weather

New York -- Today I once again had the pleasure of communing with several dozen gathered at the Irish Consulate’s monthly and public “First Friday Business Breakfast.” Imbibing orange…


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The Mysterious Provenance of Kylemore’s Battle Flag

From 1702 to 1714, western Europe was engaged in a war involving, on the one side Spain and France, on the other a coalition of states headed by the Holy Roman Empire, and including Portugal, the Dutch Republic, England,…


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'The O'Neill' Bedevils Mountjoy at Moyry Pass

By Joe Gannon…


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