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The Great Irish Famine

For anyone in Ireland or visiting in February , please note the following seminar on Emigration in the Famine .

Seminar on Irish Emigration in the 19th Century

Edenderry Historical Society in county Offaly will host a seminar on Irish Emigration in the 19th century on 13 February 2015. Taking place in the Town Hall, the event will focus on ‘Where did they all go? Irish emigration in the nineteenth century and will feature Damian Sheils, Fidelma Byrne, Jarlath McNamara, Regina…


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A Town and a Landlord Before the Famine and a Field Called Ballybeggarman

Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore grew up in a town called Ballygar, County Galway -- today a lovely place on the road from Roscommon to Galway. In the 1820s, the Landlord decided he would build a town because he had a large estate and much produce. This would produce more income and give…


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Spirits Production Figures for Ireland in January, 1849

Sometimes we hear doubts about whether there was food in Ireland during "The Great Hunger." Please look at the whiskey production published in the Athlone Sentinel on April 25th in the report brief report below:

"The quantity distilled in Ireland for the year ending Jan. 5th, 1849 was of malt: 34,897 gals; malt with unmalted grain: 7,957,000 gals;…


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The Athlone Sentinel April 25th 1849 Report from Kerry

Tralee Thursday - Death from insufficiency of food and from dysentery are so numerous in this neighborhood that the funds in the hands of the relieving officers for providing for the living , in cases of sudden and urgent necessity are now absorbed into purchasing coffins for the dead. ......... "there were no cases of cholera today but the medical officer in charge states that the exhalations from the accumulated filth on the floors of the houses of the poor in the lanes of the town , and…


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Cholera in Athlone - May, 1849

While P.S. Gilmore prepared for his departure from Athlone in September of 1849, the papers are filled with example of the depraved…


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Reply just received from CHANNEL 4 - Do you believe it , I certainly dont ?

Dear Mr MacNamara,

Thank you for your email in response to recent newspaper articles around Hungry, a recently commissioned script from Dublin-based writer Hugh Travers. The script is in the development stage and is not currently planned to air.

As a broadcaster, we always ensure that any programme or series produced on our behalf, complies with guidelines set down by the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.

Finally, please be assured that your concerns around the proposed content…


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P S Gilmore , the Famine and now this disgusting idea that we have a laugh about the HUNGER .!!!!!

As someone who is working on the story of one of the most famous of those Famine Refugees Patrick S Gilmore who escaped the famine in 1849 , and as someone who knows this man as well as most did in his life I can say without doubt that he would be disgusted that 150 years later we would be working on a comedy about the people he saw dying in Ballygar ,Athlone ,in Dublin , in Boston, on the ships ,being thrown overboard . From Roanoke Island Battlefield he wrote back to his editor " I eat as…


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