Up to 1971 Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day, and Decoration Day has been celebrated each year to remember the Fallen, officially from 1868 in Arlington Cemetery. In a speech that day on May 30, 1868, by future President James A.Garfield, a former General, addressing a crowd of 5000 he said - "Hither our children's children shall come to pay their tribute of grateful homage. For this, we met today. By the happy suggestion of a great society, assemblies like this are gathering at this hour in every State in the Union.Thousands of soldiers are today turning aside in the march of life to visit the silent encampments of dead comrades who once fought by their side. From many thousand homes, whose light was put out when a soldier fell, there go forth today to join these solemn processions loving kindred and friends, from whose heart the shadow of grief will never be lifted till the light of the eternal world dawns upon them." {From www. military.com} And so from that day to this, America has remembered the fallen and honored those who struggled to gain the benefits we all have today and paid the ultimate price in many cases. Gilmore and his Band and so many other bands and musicians had fought in battles, with honor and dedication to the UNION, with bravery, and played no small part in the ultimate victory that was secured. These bands and musicians are indeed almost forgotten, and so for the next few days we will celebrate how big an occasion this was not just for the participants, but the Citizens who appreciated their sacrifice. I will post reminders of the Civil War , and the Propaganda of Music, by Gilmore and others and of later Decoration Days. May they all Rest in Peace Stay Safe and Share Regards JMcN

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