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The Mass Rock

One May afternoon a few years ago my wife asked me to come for a walk in the woodland just outside Carndonagh, the Donegal town where she was born. She wanted to show me where she and her friends had played when they were children. By the time we reached the wood, the dull day had brightened and everything around us…


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For the Ireland of Ages Past, Go to the Far North

By John Yacobian

Special to

John Yacobian, producer for Grace Pictures' documentary, "An Unreliable Witness," offered tips on travel to Ireland's spectacular north country—Derry, Donegal, and Antrim for us back in 2004.

(Right: The author at Donegal's Horn…


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Gustavus Conyngham, USN: The “Dunkirk Pirate” from Donegal

Gustavus Conyngham is known to history as the “Dunkirk Pirate,” but that was the name the British gave him. It was not a name that he ever would have given himself. He thought of himself only as, Gustavus Conyngham, USN (United States Navy). He was never, in fact, a pirate. He was a commissioned officer in the new U.S…


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For the Ireland of Ages Past, Go to the Far North

By John Yacobian

Special to

(First published in 2004)

When people tell me they are headed for Ireland, I always encourage them to go north, to see Derry, Donegal, and Antrim, and…


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Heritage Partner
Tory Island - The Secret Kingdom

Steeped in mythology and folklore, Tory Island stands roughly 9 miles off the coast of Donegal in the Wild Atlantic Way's north west. Arriving there by boat, you might be lucky enough to be met by the charismatic figure of Patsy Dan Rogers, the locally elected King of the island. …


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Message From The Wild West: Time Is Running Out!

Tell us why YOU want to experience the ‘Wild West’ of Ireland, and you might win a free 9-day trip there, courtesy of Wild West Irish Tours and WOW Air. Get the details!…


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The 'Wild West': Sailing to Slieve League, County Donegal

In 2011 my wife, Lindy, and I spent two weeks in Donegal, staying in a cottage near Killybegs. One of our most enjoyable days during that two weeks included a boat trip to see the cliffs at…


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The 'Wild' (North) West: Dear Old Donegal

The wildest county in Ireland's "Wild West" is little known to a lot of  visitors to Ireland, because it's not on the well- worn, u-shaped trail that many tourist take between Shannon and Dublin. That's a reason why Donegal's blend of mountains, lakes and seacoast have…


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Inishowen Bogwood Sculptures - Some History of Bogwood

Ancient Ireland had many forested areas and when felled the roots remained.  Those sites are mainly the boglands of today.

The bogwood was easiest detected in these bogs in the early morning as it was known that the morning dew didn’t rest on the section of the…


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Heritage Partner
Tracing the Irish Potato Famine - Places to Visit in Ireland

Between the years of 1845 and 1852, Ireland’s population was reduced by about 20% due to the impacts of the Potato Famine, also known as The Great Famine or in our native language ‘An Gorta Mór.’  It is…


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Donegal Association of New York - New Website

On behalf of our President, Katie Barrett, The Donegal Association of New York would like to invite you to view our new website (  We feel strongly about promoting organizations and businesses who add value to our reader…


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'The Great Hunger' in County Donegal

"Burying the Child" by Lilian Lucy Davidson

by …


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Media Partner
Tara O'Grady Spellbinds at Irish Cultural Society

Garden City, N.Y. -- “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” is the opening verse of a song sung by Tara O’Grady at the Irish Cultural Society meeting on December 10,…


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Special Yuletides in Irish History

In 1587, the English inside the Pale (a fortified district around Dublin) were concerned about the Irish whom they had not yet brought under their control – especially in Ulster. The Ulster clans were an independent lot, and something had to be done to insure their non-interference…


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Exploring the Music of Ireland's Islands - Tory

In keeping with the Tory Island theme ...

This is a video on the Musical culture of Tory.  It's part of a series of programmes released in 2009 exploring the rich musical culture of Ireland's islands.

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10 Interesting Facts About Tory Island

Found in the seas off the coast of Donegal, Ireland's most northern county, Tory…


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Heritage Partner
Travelling the Wild Atlantic Way - Donegal

Earlier this year Fáilte Ireland has launched a new tourism initiative called the Wild Atlantic Way.  It is geared both for international tourists and the domestic tourist and you may have seen the sign posts – a jagged line representing waves on a blue background which are dotted along the western coast of the country. The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest signposted coastal…


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Boutique Hostels and Unique Places to Stay: The Truth About Irish Budget Accommodation

When I first heard the phrase "boutique hostel," I figured it was a bit of marketing gimmickry at work. I mean, hostels were bottom-of-the-barrel, right? I suspected the word "boutique" was in line to replace "charming" and "lots of character" for describing accommodation that wasn't quite up to par.

Well, this summer I got a taste of modern hosteling,…


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Exploring Unspoiled Ireland with Wild West Irish Tours

The  following is a transcript from the LIVE Community Chat held here at on Friday, June 13, 2014 with with Michael Regan-Waugh of…


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