Announcing The Kennedy Assassination Encyclopedia

I have decided to announce my current project, The Kennedy Assassination Encyclopedia, and join various Facebook Groups interested in Kennedy's assassination.

To provide data to arrive at the most likely scenario, the Encyclopedia will catalog BY TOPIC the pertinent facts, and the opinions of BOTH the advocates of the lone gunman theory and its contrarians.

I'm aware many have attempted such a project, but most have adhered to preconceived opinions. I hope to avoid that predilection.

The current “cherry picking” encourages unswerving support of a particular belief, that its proponents have the precise answer. Every issue (and I mean every issue) supported by one faction is opposed by another. Which encourages on-going controversy as to which is the most credible, this leads to more debates and....

I compare our current situation to the solving of a massive and complex jigsaw puzzle. A puzzle lacking critical pieces, some destroyed by accident, others by intent.

My qualifications:

  • I'm not a lawyer, or an expert in X-rays or ballistics. I'm a retired accountant, who thrives on research.

  • I'm intelligent, although some have challenged this in the recent weeks.

    • I have a Masters Degree

    • I have been a CPA and a CFP.

    • I retired from the position of Division Controller for a Fortune 500 company.

    • I have a driving desire to get as close to the likely scenario as possible, utilizing the facts available.

    • I'm flexible and willing to have my mind changed by another's logic, or when solid evidence dictates.

    • I'm willing to consider input from others and treat every person, who expresses an opinion, with respect.

Compiling the Encyclopedia has proven to be an enormous undertaking. One which prohibits my direct participation in discussing the issues. I'll be following the discourse , however, to insure The Kennedy Assassination Encyclopedia is complete and accurate.

Note: James Francis Smith is the author of eight books comprising the Irish-American Story.

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Comment by That's Just How It Was on June 28, 2016 at 1:54pm

I am fascinated by the Kennedy saga... Too many people have followed the route of the 'the perceived assassin '.. its people in the know who 'done it'  ... but they are either dead or will not talk.. I hope to find something different in your book....

Much like Michael Collins... those in the know ; know who 'done it' ,, but like  the Kennedy' scenario, they are either dead or not talking !! Good luck with you bo



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