From the Wild Westie’s owners a message was conveyed,

Win a free trip back with airfare paid!


You need to tell us why you want to return and have it posted,

On the Wild Irish Geese website where the contest is hosted.


So tell us why in a video, picture, or blog on their site,

And wait for a decision as they pick the one that’s just right.


So here is my entry, a story to tell,

Of a magical journey as I drop my poem into a wishing well.


A special trip was required for our 25th anniversary tour,

Numerous sights were reviewed and we found Wild West Irish Tours.


Calls and emails were sent with a lovely lady named Trish,

Who we discovered later was Michael’s special dish.


Arrangements were made to a place across the sea,

And we started planning, busy as bees!


To Dublin we will go and start our adventure,

Arriving two days early and explore on our own this city venture.


At another hotel  we arrived to meet our delightful hosts

And our traveling companions before we head to the coast.


We boarded the first time our friend the Blue Beast

And headed towards Sligo Westward not East.


Casey and Johanna,  two friends for life

Steve and  Megan who is now Steve’s wife.


We band of travelers whose adventure awaits

Trust in our guides and their hands lies our fates.


Magical places we visited to explore

Stories were told of local folk lore.


Solemnly visiting WB Yeats at his grave site

Reading his poems beside him by fading day light.


A trip to a castle along an Irish lake,

Then onto Captain George’s boat ride we all did take.


Onto Doonee Rock for a relaxing stroll,

Wait, what is that, could it be a troll?


Visiting an old abbey and a friendship tree, we were smitten,

And later made a new friend, an abbey cat and her kitten!


Onto to a holy well tucked into the woods,

People came and prayed as we solemnly stood.


A desolate road we travel and soon discovered

A magical mountain with mist it was covered.


A coast was visited and fossils galore,

As we wandered about on our own to explore.


And with all the walking and muscles most stressed,

To a seaweed bath we slipped into undressed.


Saint Patrick was said to sit in a stone chair,

And as we sat there we wished well for others not there.


And as days thoughts turned to dinner that night,

One special event at Eithna’s By The Sea for seafood delight!


Other evenings we gathered at pubs here and afar,

Oh look, musicians are assembling, is a session forming at the bar?


So many wonderful places presented with care,

And among new friends we were to share.


A reason to return to a place, so green and magical,

A stay from one owns life, a refreshing sabbatical!


Someplace so special it’s hard to describe,

Even from my poem, as I try to transcribe.


But when I return and I know that I must,

Wild West Irish tours are the only ones I trust.


And one more promise I make to the driver of the car,

For the end of each day there awaits a Cadbury bar!

Tell us why YOU want to experience the ‘Wild West’ of Ireland, and you might win a free 9-day trip there, courtesy of Wild West Irish Tours and WOW Air. Get the details!

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Comment by Wild West Irish Tours on June 7, 2015 at 4:57pm

Thank you Bill. You are incredible!


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