Wild Westies of Ireland on Innishmurray

A day trip was planned, a boat that was moored,

Destination an island deserted just off the shore.

Along with our Wild Westies, new companions of three,

To journey with us to an island at sea.

Waters were calm, it was a delightful trip,

Passing some sea lions who were in for a dip.

Soon arriving along a rocky coastline,

Our captain afloat soon secured a rope line.

Carefully we stepped off our fishing boat,

Save one of our party who decided to stay afloat.

For fishing was calling out to in his blood,

A difficult decision he had as his bride-to-be there stood.

There from the coastline she waved him good-bye,

But she waited and watched always keeping an eye.

Along with the Wild Westies, two ladies of age well beyond motherhood,

And one youthful soul of a boy, just come into manhood.  

We explored a community long since forgotten,

Save one lady whose family from whom she was begotten.

We all followed her lead, her excitement was sounded,

To the place where the roots of her family were founded.  

We continued to explore the island, a lonely place,

Slowing walking and exploring every nook and space.

A woman kept a watchful eye out towards the sea,

Hoped he would soon finish fishing and return to she.

We wandered around a circular wall,

An amazing place so old it kept us enthralled.

A building that was shaped just like a beehive,

We peeked inside to see there was nothing to hide.

A mantle of stone someone did erect,

Cursing stones with names and curses to direct.

We relaxed and sat quietly in the bright morning sun,

Feeling relaxed and just having quiet fun.

Seeing old cottages, church, tombstone, and fence,

Wondering what the trail would bring hence.

Soon our friend Michael announced “we must leave”,

But time past so fast we could not believe.

The boat with our captain soon appeared in a while,

And our fisherman as well who was beaming with a smile.

For he caught so many fish it was hard to believe,

His bride-to-be was happy and so relieved.

Then on the journey home an amazing thing occurred,

A song, a ballad, of Irish decent could be heard.

Two lovely aged ladies sang, a song of great thanks,

To new friends they made, those wonderful Yanks.

For they were able to connect to their family’s history,

And resolve one of their lifelong mysteries.

We arrived back to land from our adventure today,

With a heart full of memories and new friends this day.

For Innishmurray had not died and has not been forgotten,

On this day new friends and family it has begotten! 

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