What Irish Lassie turned 65 February 3rd?

Born in Texas, mother's maiden name Hartt, extremely shy, had a genius IQ by age 11 of 147, starred in Flamingo Road, Pee Wee’s Big adventure,  and Dallas?

She is a political activist very interested in science and has a large twitter following. 

She is actually a science die hard, and it’s this drive that fuels her passion for politics. More specifically, she says that social anthropology and the psychology of terrorist organizations is what drives her. “All of my [political] history starts basically with the fact that I’m a science nerd and wanted to be a doctor or paleontologist when I was a kid. Finds political activism more interesting than acting.  She spent time in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the ’90’s genocide.

She visited refugee camps and got to know the locals who were caught up in the throws of war.

Peter Galbraith, the U.S. ambassador there at the time said there was a 2-kilometer Zone of Separation between the Serb forces and the Croatian forces, as a product of an agreement I had negotiated. So we went into the Zone of Separation, and there were thousands of [Muslim] refugees… trying to get into Croatia, and the Croatians wouldn’t let them in. It was quite amazing. This was a country at war. This is an actress, a multimillion-dollar property. And she went right down into a mine area, between two hostile sides. That’s not a normal thing to do.”

Her followers already include Katie Couric, Frank Rich, Donna Brazile, and Jake Tapper… along with RuPaul, Pee-wee Herman, Mark Ruffalo, and William ShatnerHere’s her handle @MorgFair

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