Battle of the Boyne an Ancient Masonic/Egyptian Ritual?

 ...and not a battle at all?  Was the area of Brù-na-Bóinne where the survivors of 'Noah's' flood emerged? What about the 

strange report from Charles O'Kelly, a Colonel in James’ army, who said the whole thing was a conspiracy to hand Ireland to William? (Charles O’Kelly: The Jacobite War in Ireland; 1688-1690, Sealy, Bryers and Walker, Dublin, 1894 - Free download Internet Archive)

I have been studying the ‘catastrophe theory’ (i.e. dolmans were built to protect against come try debris, not for burials of kings) leading to a 'West to East migration,' and as Michael Tsarion calls it 'The Irish Origins of Civilization' for a few years. I know enough already about our secret societies' machinations and back room control of our world.  Recently, I happened upon an interview with Andrew Power on Fintan Dunne's controversial and alternative news podcast 'The Beautiful Truth Show' on (the longer these Irish guys talk together the broader their accents).

Andrew Power dared to go down this "rabbit hole" in his 2005 book 'Ireland Land of the Pharaohs' (available as free PDF file here).  He states that his conclusions were derived from his research starting with the events:

"Three hundred years ago when an English King, a Dutch Prince and their multi-national armies rendezvoused on the banks of the Boyne River on the ancient island of Ireland. This river, which rises at the Well of the Blessed Trinity and is named in honour of the Irish Goddess Boann, meanders majestically through the ancient land of Brù-na-Bóinne and across the ‘Valley of the [Irish] Kings’, before emptying into the sea at Drogheda, doorway to the Boyne Valley and home to a vast array of ancient monuments."  

The BRU NA BOINNE chapter enticed me to study more about the Eamhain area, but I breezed through the THE PARASITICAL ELITE chapter as I have more then enough information on that already. 

"The time-period is the closing decade of the 17th century CE and we are in the mystical Boyne Valley, the primordial heart of Ireland and the cradle of Hesperian civilisation. Within this picturesque valley nestles Brù-na-Bóinne, which in turn envelops the arcane Eamhain (pronounced ahwan). Like Russian dolls enclosed within Eamhain is Innis-na-Righ (Island of the Kings), its sacred centre, and reputedly once home of the fabled Shamballa/Agarthi"

After reading 'The Hiram Key' by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas (who are quoted in Andrew's book), I, too, saw the ritualistic symbolism of the Battle of the Boyne as once your eyes have been opened to masonic ritual it is hard not to notice the obvious intentions of everything the royals do.  A fascinating learning experience for me was watching the black-and-white televised coverage of the Queen's coronation with Michael Tsarion explaining the symbolism of every strange action most of us have just dismissed as unimportant ritual -- what an eye-opener!

I open this post up to comment and anything you can add to this, but not if you are closed to 'alternative history theories'; after seeing the comments from people on Twitter regarding the book, I know I am not alone in dismissing what we have been fed as portrayed in the BBC's production of 'The Battle of the Boyne' as outright 'shite'!

Andrew says he is following in the footsteps of many authors and scholars who preceded him and whose works are included in modern 'alternative historians' in 2014.  He writes in his 'Acknowledgements': 

"In a broader sense my thanks goes to the authors/researchers (alive or dead) who
preceded me on this path, and who made the journey that much easier. They
are, in no particular order, Lorraine Evans, Ralph Ellis, Robert Bauval, Graham
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I mean beside) the great mound of Dowth.
A special mention to the staff, of the Ulster Museum, Belfast. The Heritage
Service, Photographic Unit, Dublin. The rights and Reproduction Office:
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin. The Central Library, Belfast"

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Comment by John W. Hurley on July 15, 2014 at 5:26pm

Alannah I enjoy reading some alternative history as it's always interesting to hear new (or old!) theories, but I always take them with a grain of salt. (Consider for example modern Irish Revisionist History and what they are trying to do).

That said, I don't quite understand - is Mr. Power saying that no actual battle happened at the Boyne *at all* but instead some kind of ritual only, or that a battle and then a ritual took place?

A few years back I was reading up on the Freemasons in relation to the Orange Order etc., etc., and was pretty surprised to find that they think that they are the modern day Knights Templar and that this is why, (in part), they despise the Catholic Church so much. A very bizarre belief, in my opinion, but important to know as it is a belief system which has had a big impact on history and will no doubt continue to.

I don't really buy into Michael Tsarion as his beliefs draw heavily from the old British Israelism but I have read that he is knowledgeable about ritual symbolism.

Atlantean: Ireland's North African and Maritime Heritage by Bob Quinn is another good book but has been revised and updated as The Atlantean Irish: Ireland's Oriental & Maritime Herritage, which I have not read.

Comment by John W. Hurley on July 15, 2014 at 5:28pm

Wow, when did the Wild Geese start moderating posts? Just curious.

Comment by Craig Welbourn on July 15, 2014 at 7:16pm

It truly is a shame that the teaching of history does not keep up with our knowledge of history. Books such as 'The Hiram Key' should be prerequisite reading to in order to understand the whys and wherefores of historical events. Without doing so, we are doomed to continue to wallow in the ignorance of the nineteenth century. Investigations such as Alannah's are shedding light on history in the same important way that Galileo shed light on cosmology. 

Comment by Alannah Ryane on July 16, 2014 at 11:51am

I apologize I didn't realize my settings were set for approval..I just changed it. Thank you for your comment Craig I agree!  Everyone I have turned 'The Hiram Key' onto (my son sent it to me with a lot of other eye opening books) has been blown away.

I am always open to all comments as I believe the truth of everything in our history, no matter what, is our birthright.  I am now finding pdf files of old manuscripts and scholarly works that are no longer in print or repressed down through the ages. These are the same ones the current alternative historians quote from so I want to read for myself.  

There is a long section at the end of Andrew's book relaying the battle but I tend to skip over battle scenes, not that I dismiss the noble warrior just that seeing our species manipulated into giving up their lives for a secret agenda makes me crazy.  I think it was Andrew who made the comment on Fintan's Break For News podcast ( I first heard of this 'theory') that an archaeologist told him that he doesn't believe any bullets were ever found on the 'battlefield'.  

I am a bit bias because I do believe the reason so many people around the world are so emotionally tied to Ireland is because it is in our DNA resulting in that worldwide desire 'to go home'.  I have a series of alternate history I am writing..not as a scholar but as a questioner, a truth seeker if you will.  I also believe all religions were created to pit us against each other but also to further individual 'group's' agendas.  So I am writing these posts with links to information for those who want to peek behind the veil as I am not a scholar or expert by any means.  I go with my gut and common sense and when I smell a rat I generally want to chase it down.  Thanks for your comments!


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