Sherlock Arrives to Investigate JFK's Murder

Linkedin Long-Form Post #1 of the Sherlock/JFK Series.

Sherlock Arrives to Investigate JFK's Murder

James Francis Smith

After devouring six books, during the past year, each selecting a different party as being responsible for Kennedy's murder, I've decided to take on the task, and invited Sherlock Holmes to assist. In addition, I'm inviting my blog readers, Linkedin contacts, and any other interested party to assist Sherlock in his deliberations. If you should have reliable information and its source (which many needed to be verified the information,) or have questions on the path Sherlock takes … don't hesitate to provide your input. It'll be most appreciated. It's time we resolve the major crime of the century.

I'm available at, subject matter “Sherlock”

Sherlock Crosses the Ocean

When Doctor Watson arrived at 221B Baker Street, he was surprised to find Sherlock busy at his desk, instead of at the chemical lab or wandering the streets of less than desirable neighborhoods.

That was the least of his surprises. Jackie Kennedy herself asked the newly elected prime minister to have Scotland Yard investigate her husband's killing. Lord Douglas-Home counted with an offer to send England's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. An offer Jackie couldn't refuse.

Upon arrival, Holmes and Watson were taken to a secluded mansion in D.C.'s Georgetown neighborhood, where they were informed of the vast scope of the undertaking, and met the associates assigned to assist. During an elaborate breakfast, Larry O'Brien introduced himself as President Johnson's Congressional Liaison, the same position he served under President Kennedy. He then introduced, Rose Kelly, an expert in taking dictation, keypunching, and IBM 1401 computers, who would be their Girl Friday. Larry Cowley, a special assistant to Robert Kennedy, would handle the political aspects and interface with the Kennedy family. Charley Cunningham, a retired D.C. police captain, would be the point man with the law enforcement organizations, including the FBI, Secret Service, military intelligence, and police. Pat and Kate Kelly, no relations to Rose, would serve as their bodyguard, housekeeper, and cook.

To avoid any political antagonism, the whereabouts of neither Holmes nor Watson would be made known to any outside of the Kennedy family and those present. Nor would the two be allowed to leave the premises. All information would be supplied by either Cowley or Cunningham. The fenced-in-yard would provide their only space outside the mansion. Sherlock was also expected to make use of it for his smoking habit. A fact that didn't sit well with the world-famous detective.

Before departing, O'Brien enlightened Sherlock and his side-kick about the issues involved and why the assassination had not been solved sooner. “The potential suspects are many:

“President Johnson hated the Kennedys, particularly Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney-General. He frequently referred to President Kennedy's staff as 'Irish Mafia.'

“FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, also despised Bobby, his boss, and kept a secret file on President Kennedy's sexual affairs.

“Furthermore JFK:

  • had recently fired CIA Director Allen Dulles,

  • held the CIA to task for the failed invasion of Cuba,

  • was considered partially responsible for the overthrow and assassination of Vietnam's President, NGO Dinh Diem, a favorite of the CIA.

  • The Secret Service detail assigned to guard Kennedy had been out partying the night before the assassination, leaving only a few firemen as his only protection.

  • JFK earned the disdain of the military-industrial complex for his desire to withdraw American Special Forces from Vietnam.

  • Many potential witnesses or persons considered to be involved have already lost their lives under mysterious circumstances

  • Dallas is a dangerous city, the majority Protestant right-wing despised JFK for his liberal policies and religion. Republican women swung signs at UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson, and spit on Vice President Johnson and Lady Bird, his wife. The Dallas Morning News' headline welcomed 'MISTER Kennedy,' not 'PRESIDENT Kennedy.' A widely circulated 'wanted for treason poster' showed both a full face and side profile of the President. Dallas schoolchildren booed at the mere mention of his name.

“Those were supposed to have been the good guys. Then there are:

“ the Mafia,

“The Cubans, both those who supported Castro and those who vowed to overthrow him.

“The stanch far right-wingers such as General Edwin Walker.

“And from the political far left … the Russians and their communist allies.

“Finally, you must take into account individuals such as Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • And bear-in-mind the reports, such as the one from the Warren Commission, may not be completely accurate. There are some who believe photos and testimony have been altered.”

Watson stunned by the vast scope of their assignment, asked, “Why did Kennedy even go to Dallas?”

O'Brien sadly shook his head. “Irish pride ... I suppose. He believed that if a President of the United States was fearful of visiting a single American city, he should quit the White House.”

With that last remark, O'Brien took his leave.

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