Linkedin Long-Form Post #10 James Francis Smith Synopsis of the Irish-American Chronicle Plus the free download offer The 120-page Irish-American Chronicle takes an historical byway lightly trave…

Linkedin Long-Form Post #10 James Francis Smith

Synopsis of the Irish-American Chronicle Plus the free download offer

The 120-page Irish-American Chronicle takes an historical byway lightly traveled .

Few Irish-Americans have a profound understanding of what their forefathers accomplished to make this country great. To narrow this gap in our knowledge, I offered to download, for free, The Irish-American Chronicle. Although my hundreds of Linkedin connections are mostly Irish and Irish-American, only 3% requested a free download. Therefore, I’m making this offer available to the general public until October 1, 2014. To obtain your free download send your email address to Your email address will not be used for any other purpose. The Irish-American Chronicle consists of bountiful excerpts from the eight-book series, The Irish-American Story— the finest collection of narrative Irish-American history. The Chronicle opens with an ancient religion formed by astronomer-priests, possibly the forefathers of the Druids, who formed a civilization 1,500-years before the founding of ‘UR of the Charldees’, heretofore recognized as the world’s oldest city. Leaping ahead to America’s Revolution, the book covers in great detail the deeds of Commodore John Barry and the birth of America’s Navy; General Steven Moylan, first president of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick, and General John Sullivan, the son of indentured servants who rose to be governor of New Hampshire. It also highlights Ben Franklin’s Irish-crewed navy led by the daring Luke Ryan. In his 1798 obituary, Ryan is credited by the British Gentlemen’s Magazine, “with doing more injury to the trade of these kingdoms than any single commander ever did.” Ardent patriots, the Scot-Irish comprised the bulk of Washington’s army. America’s Civil War opens in Washingron D.C.’s Carver General Hospital where Cork-born Nellie McCarthy befriends Abraham Lincoln. A segment, covering the Civil War’s neglected Irish, highlights the feats of Union General Phillip Sheridan, Union Colonel Patrick O’Rorke, Union Colonel Dennis O’Kane, and Confederate General Patrick Cleburne. Cleburne’s controversial proposal to allow Negroes to gain their freedom by joining the Confederate forces prevented his advancement and likely resulted in his death. Father William Corby, future president of Notre Dame, bairn of an Irish Father and Canadian Mother, is featured at Gettysburg. WWI invites the reader to join Father Edward Reed, serving with the Irish 10th division in Gallipoli. Michael O’Leary, later honored with the Victoria Cross, experiences the 1915 Christmas on the Western Front. The WWII battle of Hurtgenwald, where more Americans lost their lives than during the Battle of the Bulge, is relived by the O’Donnells who gathered for the funeral of Liam. Father Gerhing, a chaplain on Guadalcanal, along with battle-hardened Marines and Seabees, protected five-year-old Patsy Li, during Japanese air raids. The author shares the painful memories he and his family endured during the four days of hell, from Kennedy’s assassination to his funeral. He follows this segment with “The Ultimate Analysis” from President Johnson’s blunder through Kennedy’s autopsy. In the component from December 23, 1963 at Arlington Cemetery, Author Smith relives Kennedy’s rescue of Major Bigger’s Marines from certain death at the hands of the Japanese. Other stories include Gamel and Mrs. O’Malley in the New York Trade Center on October 11, 2001. The heartrendering tale entitled “Rory’s Silent World” describes how the author’s mother discovered that his sister, Anne, had a hearing handicap. To illustrate his admiration for Anne, Smith made the character Rory O’Donnell deaf in both The O’Donnell’s of Philadelphia and Rory O’Donnell and the Kennedys. Anne, now a grandmother, earned her master’s degree in chemistry from Temple University and served as an expert witness for the Philadelphia Police Department. Interested in The Irish-American Chronicle, but uncomfortable with sharing your email address, it’s available on Kindle and Nook, with a soft cover version from Amazon’s bookstore. The current introductory prices will increase on October 1st.

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