Preserving the Past to Benefit the Future...

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The Irish-American Story

I write historical novels to preserve the past for the benefit of the future.

Author James Francis Smith

My historical novels narrate the Irish-American Story beginning with the ancient Celts on through Vietnam and beyond:

Druids, Celts, and RomansIn circa 386 BCE, a massive army of Celts from Gaul crossed the Alps, and conquered Rome.

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Irish in the American Revolution – A war in which Irish fought on both sides. A war, we would not have won, without Irishmen John Barry and Luke Ryan dominating the sea. Describing the seige of Yorktown, makes it a classic.

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The Civil War's Valiant IrishA war in which 126 Irish-born were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Follow the Pennsylvania 69th that turned back Pickett's charge at Gettysburg.

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The Last of the Fenians – covers Irish participation in all the battles of the Great War, beginning with Gallipoli and Flanders, followed by the Anglo-Irish War, The Treaty, Ulster, and the Irish Civil War.

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The O'Donnells of Philadelphia – Takes the reader year-by-year from the end of WWI through the Great Depression, Prohibition, Catholic school, and the major battles of WWII.

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Rory O'Donnell and the Kennedys – The sequel to the O'Donnels covers the Cold War, birth of Israel, Berlin Airlift, Korea, and Vietnam. Newspaper reporter Rory befriends the Kennedys until Bobby's assassination.

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Unholy Conspiracies - A fast paced novel, during which two Irish-Catholic boyhood chums, one FBI, the other CIA, a Black D.C. detective, a Jewish reporter, and a Mossad agent join forces to foil conspiracies, reaching into Congress and the White House.

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The Irish-American Chronicle – This concise edition, is the appetizer describing the Irish-American Story's full course meal.

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My current project:

The Kennedy Assassination Encyclopedia – My intent is to collect by subject (such as 'the spent cartridges (hulls) found on the 6th floor of the School Book Depository):

The known facts

The Points of Contention – illustrating the contrasting points-of view.

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