Irish Pilgrim Paths Day and the Irish Pilgrim Tag™

National Pilgrim Paths Day is a new Easter Festival based on Ireland’s dense network of medieval pilgrim walking routes. This new heritage themed event is organised by the local communities adjacent to each of our principal penitential routes and is aimed at raising awareness of Ireland’s rich inheritance of pilgrim paths. It is targeted, not only at those who enjoy exploring ancient tracks imprinted with the footsteps of our penitents past, but also at the growing numbers seeking walkways with deeper spiritual significance.

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The welcome establishment of the Pilgrim Paths Day that we have witnessed becoming popular recently, is symbolic of people oppressed by times and circumstances getting back out and reconnecting with a wonderful nature while reinvigorating spirituality in a historic context.

In it’s own way this is a show of unity against the times and goings on in the world. It appears like a communal step to the front, trying to move forward out of hard times on our “bigger picture” path of life, as individuals and as a nation.

These philosophical aspects fascinate. It would be in order to have some small unifying symbol like the Scallop Shell of St. James to go with the fresh and invigorating Irish Pilgrim Paths Movement. Something like the holy medals of past days, but a bit more modern and functional for today’s pilgrim, but still simple and bearing a symbolism connected with the pilgrimage paths.

An image etched in each walkers mind is of course the Heritage Councils “Walking Pilgrim” Symbol as copied from Irish engravings of old.

We have produced a batch of Irish Pilgrim Tags™ for Walkers, Hikers, Wanderers and Pilgrims we would like to present for your consideration for your next Pilgrim Paths Day event.

They can be bought singly via (The Irish Pilgrims Tag, Ebay Item No.: 251857254130) for Euro 3 + Postage or in wholesale polybags of 50 (135 EUR + postage) and 100pcs (255 EUR + Postage).

The reverse side is blank and awaits any creative variation or addition in picture or text you want to add to personalise your own individual Irish Pilgrims Tag™.

Made by Irish for Irish and visitors and friends of our emerald isle, the blessed official

Irish Pilgrims Tag™ is a reminder that life is a journey and that the journey is the actual destination for self-discovery and understanding.

Made of high quality black silicone the 50x60x3mm tag depicts the official yellow "Walking Pilgrim" waymarker used to designate Pilgrim Paths in Ireland by the Heritage Council.

The figure bears the medieval pilgrims cross on his cloak.

Symbolism: The black tag stands for the unending cosmic darkness of uncertainty that surrounds us all on the path of life. Within the darkness though is the pilgrim figure making his way steadily forwards. His warm, flavescent, sun yellow color representing the life and meaning we bring to our surroundings and enlightenment we gather upon our way and can dispense during our eternal journey from Alpha to Omega.

The cross stands for the Christian values and beliefs we try to live during our life and that guide us from within and drive us forward, whatever life throws at us.

The Irish Pilgrim Tag™ is designed to be a non-allergic religious pendant, tag or amulet with 5mm hole for attachment to a ball chain, leather cord or metal ring. It will also double as key fob or zip tag for pockets on jackets, rucksacks or bags, or as a holy charm in the car.

The tag has been blessed to function as a small modern day religious charm with you as per old tradition.

And yes, the yellow Pilgrim will glow mystically in the dark, if placed under a bright light source for some minutes before.

Nobody can say there is no enlightenment here!

Consider it as a small gift for a travelling loved one or friend.

It would be nice to create a national symbol to accompany the Pilgrim Paths Day.

Assist in establishing the Irish Pilgrim Tag™.

Who knows, it may become a new symbol of Irish all over the world wherever their paths of globalized diaspora and pilgrimage have taken them.

They can be bought singly via (The Irish Pilgrim Tag, Ebay Item No.: 251857254130) or in wholesale polybags of 50 (135 EUR + postage) and 100pcs (255 EUR + Postage).

Thank you for your support and promotion of the Irish Pilgrim Tag™ by word of mouth or by social network.

Be unique, be Irish!!!

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