Established in 1985 and quickly becoming one of the premier literature festivals in all of Europe (and beyond), the Cúirt International Festival of Literature launched its 2013 programme on the 23rd of April.  This annual festival based in Galway continues to solidify its sterling reputation among literature enthusiasts by featuring some of the very best in what modern Irish literature has to offer (as well as literature from other parts of the world).

Describing a past Cúirt festival, The Observer (London) noted:

"One of the world's leaders in this field. Galway, indeed, boasted the kind of list that would put most English and Welsh festivals to shame. The Cuirt Festival was convivial, international and timeless. It had the kind of atmosphere that Shakespeare himself might have reveled in."

Readers here at The Wild Geese are fortunate enough to get a "taste" of this festival here as Galway-based Wild Geese member and Editorial Coordinator Ryan O'Rourke made the rounds to some of the festival venues during the week and shared with us his thoughts and his dramatic photographs from around the festival.  With every passing year, Cúirt draws in more literature buffs from destinations far from the shores of Ireland.  If you are a lover of fine literature, the glimpse into the festival offered here may just help you decide to make your next trip to Ireland coincide with the Cúirt festival in coming years.

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Kelly O'Rourke's review of the "Over the Edge" Showcase at Cúirt, 2013

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