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Reverend Adam Boyd’s, (b1650 Scotland), son Robert Boyd (b1678 Ulster), died in Chester County, PA. Robert’s son George (b1691 Ulster) died in Pennsylvania, his son Patrick Harrison Boyd (b1711 County Antrim) died in Virginia, was the GGGGGrandfather of William Lawrence Boyd, (b 6-6-1894 Cambridge, Ohio) lists himself on his WW1 draft registration in 1917 as “farmer”. In 1918, he arrived in Hollywood and became a became a full-fledged leading man during the silent film era. His best work from that period included many films for Cecil B. deMille such as: "Why Change Your Wife?" (1920), "The Temple of Venus" (1923), "The Midshipman" (1925) and "The Volga Boatman" (1926). In 1935, Paramount Pictures offered him the lead role in a film "Hopalong Cassidy", which became an instant success and by 1948, he reprised his "Hoppy" character in over 60 films. 

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Comment by Gerry Regan on May 30, 2014 at 4:24pm

There was another first-rate actor bearing the surname Boyd, Stephen Boyd. Here's his Wikipedia bio. Interestingly, Stephen Boyd, whom I recall from his role in the epic film 'Ben Hur,' was born in Glengormly, County Antrim, with the name William Millar. And he died before he was able to begin filming a role in the film "The Wild Geese."

Comment by Lauren McLachlan on June 1, 2014 at 5:05pm

Dee -- can you supply the source for the dates you list?

This bit has been called for discussion on the Boyd list on Rootsweb.com following my posting a link to your article:
Robert Boyd (b1678 Ulster), died in Chester County, PA. Robert’s son George (b1691 Ulster) 

If Robert were born in 1678 and had a son in 1691, he would have been 13 at the time of George's birth.

Is that correct?

William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy)'s great grandson visited our Clan tent at the games in California one year. He brought "Hoppy's " great great grandson with him.  They bore an uncanny resemblance to Hoppy.

Comment by Lauren McLachlan on June 1, 2014 at 8:59pm

The Historian for House of Boyd   <Historian@clanboyd.org> posted the following comment on the Boyd list at Rootweb, after having seen the content of your blog re William Boyd.

Lauren how do we contact Dee Notaro.

we what her links are from the Rev Adam Boyd down to William Lawrence Boyd -
Hopalong Cassidy .

From memory, I think his family came form County Tyrone in the early 1800's
but I will have to finish two other projects before I can get time to search

The Rev Adam Boyd born 1650, is the fist of three Rev Adam Boyd's - so this
will be the first time that I have seen this first Rev Adam Boyd having a
son Robert.

I would also suspect that quite a number of people who descend from George
and Isabella Boyd of Compass, PA would be surprised to find that his father
is Robert and that George is being given as being born in Ulster when most
say he was born in Airth Scotland.

So at time I would be careful in using this data until we see what other
data that Dee has to make this linkage.

Thank you

Mike Boyd
Historical Committee, HBS

Comment by Dee Notaro on June 2, 2014 at 6:15am

I like so many others on Ancestry.com have copied and did not take the time to analyze. My sincerest apologies to all that this posting befuddled. Did not adhere to my own rules: verify verify verify. After investigation, I believe that this is the correct lineage: William Lawrence Cody b1894 Ohio, Charles William b1870, John b1832, Robert b1802, John b1756, William b1738, Harrison Patrick Boyd b1710-1714 Antrim, George Sr  b1688 Antrim-dChester County, PA, Robert b1660 Ulster, Adam B1640 Renfrew, Capt Adam bArgyle, Scotland, Andrew b1593 Rachrie, Argyll, Scotland, Andrew b1569 (Bishop of Aryshire,Thomas b1544 (6th Lord of Kilmarnock) and so on.

And, yes,part of the problem is same first names in different trees. When you back in time, there were not so many choices for first names and people used what was then popular along with family names and many were from generation to generation. And as to Mike's comment - yes, we all make mistakes, and records are not transcribed perfectly and as you go back in time when surnames were not so many but all similar as to the area from whence a family emerged, I do humbly apologize for the "insult" to you lineage. :) 

History of the Boyd family and descendants with historical sketches of the ancient family of Boyd's in Scotland from the year 1200, and those of Ireland from the year 1680, with records of their descendants in Kent, New Windsor, Albany, Middletown and Salem, N. Y., Boston, Mass., Northumberland County, Pa., and sketches of those from the southern and western states from 1740 to 1912. By William Philip Boyd.

Comment by Lauren McLachlan on June 2, 2014 at 11:12am

Thank you Dee.

Mike travels regularly to examine and research via original documents in Scotland, Ireland, England, the USA and wherever else the trail leads him.  He's doing an excellent job as our clan's Historian.

One of the things he does is take a deep look to the books such as that you mention by William P. Boyd and find the holes in the story.  We have several books out there which are under discussion and are being found to be a bit faulty.  

Combine difficulty with travel to see original documents with the Scottish/Irish Naming Convention and it is at times confounding to discern which William, Robert, Thomas, John, Mary and Elizabeth is the correct one to add to one's genealogy.

Ancestry.com is great for communication between researchers -- the message boards -- and has quite a collection of scans and microfilm prints of original documents.  I'd be very skeptical of the trees posted by others and the system that suggests who you are related to by following the leaves.  

Just because it is on the Internet, does not make it true.  It is always best to go to the most primary source document before adding to one's family file.

Any Boyd researchers who may be following this thread are welcome to join the oldest Boyd discussion group online.  Boyd@rootsweb.com  It's free and has been going on since the early 1990s, moving to Rootsweb when Rootsweb was born.  You will also find House of Boyd aka Clan Boyd on Facebook.  http://www.clanboyd.org is our website and you will find our tents at Scottish Games and Irish Festivals in many areas.

Thank you Dee.  This blog has been cause for a good lesson to researchers.  Thanks also for shining the light on the Boyd family.


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