This a a blog that will give some excerpts from my book -That's Just how It Was' ; It will also give credence to the discussions on the Famine -- on The Wild Geese .

In my book [That's Just How It Was- video below 

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Research for my Book , That's Just How it Was - includes this excerpt ''claimed by Francis A. Boyle , Law Professor of the University of illinois at Urbana- Champaign ,'"Trevelyan and the British  Government pursued a race and ethic -based policy aimed at destroying the  group commonly known as the Irish people - and that the policy of mass starvation amounted 'to genocide as per the Hague convention of 1948'- approximately 100 years after the famine 

- research that I done to give credence to the stories that I had heard as child from my grandmother -  includes an excerpt from - That's Just How It Was - 'Dennis Clark, a Irish American historian,claimed that the famine or the Great Hunger of [1884-1852  depending on which historical papers one reads] - was a culmination of of generations of neglect ;misrule and repression . Not least, that it was of epic proportions of English Colonial cruelty and inadequacy , for the landless cabin dwellers it meant emigration or extinction. Extension- meant starvation on a massive scale; while corn was being exported from Ireland . 

How can this be called a famine when the island of Ireland was full of food.???? 

These are just tow excerpts from the book which  belies any other notion of a tragedy - it was genocide.................... 

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