While I was researching my Grand- mothers story ; I found it facilitating  that I had know all these things about my grand-mother ; but did not really [in my child's mind] connect them to reality. 

When she spoke about the cabins - as in ' you do not go cabin hunting'  [to her grand-children] - I honestly thought that this was just a phrase she used  to ensure that we did not stay in other peoples homes. 

What in fact she was telling us was that her life had been spent in a cabin [as is recorded in historical records ] ' she like many , many thousands of other people of her generation ; lived in cabin's/ mud huts when her parents and grand-parents had been evicted  from their tenant farm by the wealthy Landlords. 

I do honestly believe that she was and still reminds in my mind one of the most remarkable people of her era . 

As a retired Social Worker {then a Social Work Manager] I came across poverty /deprecation / abuse in all its forms in my career ; however - when I researched all of her life - I found it so remarkable, that as a adult ; I just had to record it . 

Life was not easy in 1800/early 1900 - for people ; so her story as I have recorded  it in -That's Just How it Was- is a triumph over adversity . 

Click on the link below to view teh video.

Youtube: http://youtu.be/oT0oOa0jx28

Youtube: http://youtu.be/oT0oOa0jx28

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