Are YOU an expert?

I’ll save you the suspense. The answer is: YES!

The Wild Geese community is a diverse and enthusiastic group of hibernophiles. Within the vast realm of Irish interests, we each have specific topics that ignite our passions.

Are you an amateur Irish historian or a professional Irish chef?
A GAA enthusiast or a Gaelgeoir?
Do you know an embarrassing amount of trivia about the Pogues or The Dubliners?
Maybe you know the best Irish beaches for surfing or the best hills for hiking.
Perhaps you’ve recently traced your Irish roots or researched a noteworthy Irish-American.

Even if you just have an excellent soda bread recipe … YOU ARE AN EXPERT!

Every Wild Geese member has a story, a recipe, a photo, or a bit of information to share. You may know more than anyone else in our community on a given topic, especially if it's a personal or family story.  WE NEED YOU! Here at The Wild, we rely on each other to keep the excellent content flowing, so don’t hold back. The more we have to offer, the more wonderful content-posting members we’ll attract, and the cycle continues!

Here are some ways you can get involved:

- Post a blog (a short article) here. (Have your own blog? Increase your traffic by reposting on The Wild Geese!)
- Looking for information or opinions? Start a discussion here.
- Post a photo here or a video here.
- Comment on or “Like” other member posts
- Share Wild Geese content you love on social media like FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.
- Let us know about your special interest or expertise in the comments section for this post. We might even choose your topic to be a week-long focus on our site!

Ahh, g’won … give it a go!

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