I'll Sing You All Home With Me

It's Christmas in Montana, to be sure, draped in her mantle of white
Though I am here with the rest of the crew, my heart is lonely tonight
The rancher & his wife they take good care of the rest of the crew & me
The wife, she prepared a great feast & there are presents under the tree

The rancher, he gave us a bonus; he said the year had ended fat
Though I sing along with the Carols, my notes seem hollow & flat
Then the Cook he pulls out a fiddle & bow, tunes it up all in key
"Sing us a song from home, Ronan", the rancher asks of me

I'll sing you home with me tonight
To Galway Bay & the old Hook Light
"O'Carolan's Lament" sung in harmony
I will sing you all home with me

The fiddle played sweet and the crew they all had a smile
For they knew how I longed to be home on that Emerald Isle
We lifted the rafters with our music and then hit our bunks for a rest
All of us hands would slip off to dream, with heavy heart in each chest

For we've all a place that we've longed for as down the long trail we roam
Be it Joplin, Jalisco or Houston, at Christmas we all think of home
At our loved ones' sides by a glowing fire with laughter and old friends
Still, Montana is a far cry from Kilkenny and I'll ne'er go back again

I'll sing you home with me tonight
to Galway Bay & the old Hook Light
"O'Carolan's Lament" sung in harmony
I will sing you all home with me

Catherine Lilbit Devine © December 5, 2006

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Tags: Christmas, Poetry

Comment by Patrick J. O'Leary on December 28, 2016 at 10:05pm

the perennial  remembering of the old home grounds,  longing for the return, feeling such would not happen. >>


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