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Unmarried Mothers & babies

Since the 'dead babies in Tuam' story *hit* the headlines I've read a lot about it on the internet in particular and I wonder a lot of things and this is a difficult blog to write because where do I let my thoughts go.

An extremely emotional subject.

The first things I thought when I heard the story and as I listened to the immediate reaction here in Ireland was

1. Do you have any idea of what life was like for those people (the mothers).

2. Do you remember what…


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Message re one of my Facebok pages

Copy of message sent to my Facebook page

My name is Jane Lyons, Ph.D., and I post on this page. I set this page up as an attachment to my Jane Lyons Genealogy page. This page is called Irish Genealogy, it has NOTHING to do with any professional site of the same name

I do not have and this page has nothing to do with a website which carries the name irishgenealogy

This page has been set up by a…


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Gravestone talk : Beyond the Grave Conference, Limerick

Beyond the Grave Conference, Limerick - a few weeks ago........

Jane Lyons (me) Talk.

I've just been sent a link to a 'video' of my talk at this conference and y'know, I was wrecked, had had about three hrs sleep the night before, it was 4.30pm, I was tired.

I've been told I was very good, but me, I thought i was very borderline......now that I see the video though, I realise I wasn't bad at all *except* I should really have stood closer to…


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Old Irish Newspaper Extracts

Old Irish Newspaper Abstracts:

We tend to forget the things that so many people have done, especially in this day and age of advanced technology. Many of you don’t remember the days when the Irish Census returns were not on the internet, many of you don’t know about the days when you had to go to the Irish Civil Records office to get the references for births, marriages and deaths. Today, we can get those references if they exist on the internet (for the most part). We all forget so…


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World War Veteran - Victoria Cross and name changes

This week, I finished an index for all the names on all the stones in Rathdowney, Laois(Queen's Co) and I head of into town to go to the graveyard to begin checking the 1300 or so names and with my new magic torch hopefully be be able to read the bits I had a problem with.

As I get into the town, I wonder to myself if an acquaintance of mine who is also director f a funeral home would be interested in the index so I call to ask him.  "Ah Jane", ses he......"I have an index.  I keep…


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Unlike Any Other Marathon in the World

Flora Mini Marathon, Dublin City, 2014

In excess of 40,000 women ran in this mini marathon today.  It's all of 10k, and it's actually magic.

Listening to the radio as I came home this evening, I heard the presenter say that 'some' of the women ran for charity, and that 800 charities were represented.  The truth is that the vast majority of people…


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Ordnance Survey Maps and a Torch

I sent the below message in to Facebook today and it is only as I read through the replies that I realise people don't actually think about these maps.

I was asked a question about the relevant size of them - it is 1:50,000

On Friday, the day before Janet arrived in this area, I dropped dogs with June my wonderful dog minder and then I drove to Dublin because I…


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