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Fidchell - The Ancient Celtic Chess Game

Legend has it that the ancient Irish game of Fidchell (literally translated as ‘Wood Wisdom’) was invented in the 9th century by Lugh, the Irish god of light, master druid and warrior – predating the game of chess as we know it by c300 years!  Fidchell would have played…


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Have You Ever Played the Old Irish Game of 'Rings'?

The game of 'Rings' is a traditional Irish game, brought to the four corners of the world by the emigration of the Irish during the famine years.  The other traditional Irish games of Bowls, Skittles and Horseshoes are played during the summer, while…


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The Luck Child

Here is a lovely story from Celtic mythology about the Luck Child, a baby found abandoned in a forest and found by three cattle herders.  The story tells of the loving relationship and bond these three men developed with the child as they brought her up and cared for her until she eventually…


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