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The 35th Indiana: Hoosier State's '1st Irish': Part 1 of 2: Be Just and Fear Not

Not all Irish regiments in the Civil War came from the east. From the heartland sprung the hard fighting 35th Indiana. Whether fighting on battlefields from Perryville to Nashville or enduring the horrors of the prison camp in Andersonville, these sons of Erin pressed on to final victory.

(A reproduction of the…


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Irish Fight for Union Resounds

(First published 1/9/12) Patrick Young is a blogger for Long Island Wins, a communications and organizing campaign focused on immigrants’ needs and immigration reform in Long Island, in New York State.  In his blogs, he has written extensively on the experiences of immigrants in America, including an…


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Che Guevara: Father of Revolution, Son of Galway

By Joseph E. Gannon

"Now are you men, or are you kine, ye tillers of the soil? Would you be free, or evermore the rich man's cattle toil? The shadow on the dial hangs that points the fatal hour - Now hold your own! or branded slaves, forever cringe and cower."  Fanny Parnell (1849 - 1882)…


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Filmmaker Loach's 'Route Irish' Indicts Privatization of Iraq War

Review By Kieron C. Punch / Associate Editor

Coventry, England -- Veteran British director, Ken Loach, doesn't make movies for the popcorn munching, mainstream, cinema-going public, weaned on mindless blockbusters.

Instead he makes thought provoking, abrasive films that frequently challenge the political establishment and serve as a social…


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Seán McManus' Brother a Hero of IRA Border Campaign

Patrick McManus

By Kieron C. Punch…


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Irish Custer Writer Discovers 7th Cavalry Ancestor!

The Curragh, County Kildare - It’s who you are. Your blood, your genes and, some would say, your personality, can be influenced by your ancestors, the family members that came before you. It should be essential knowledge for anyone to have and yet there is hesitancy by many to undertake what seems an onerous…


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Free Kindle Book Exclusively for Members of The Wild Geese

To thank The Wild Geese for recent a recent piece in which he was featured, author James Francis Smith is offering a copy of his Kindle book,…


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The Mysterious Provenance of Kylemore’s Battle Flag

From 1702 to 1714, western Europe was engaged in a war involving, on the one side Spain and France, on the other a coalition of states headed by the Holy Roman Empire, and including Portugal, the Dutch Republic, England,…


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Tom Sweeny: He Wasn't Called "Fighting Tom" For Nothing

The dust of some is Irish earth;

Among their own the rest;

and the same land that gave them birth

Has caught them to her…


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