Everybody loves a good limerick.  We're asking our members to submit their original love-related limericks in the comments section below as a fun way of celebrating Valentine's Day and Irish poetry.

This is a family online community, though, so please keep them fairly clean. :-)

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One eve after reading Wild Geese,

I lay quietly down in peace,

remembering the blogs

'bout the land that I love

sweet tears flowing as  memories release.

I left Ireland for foreign sores 

 to find me a job and a husband 

The job and man I found to be grand 

 But my Heart is still sore for Ireland 


Born in a smaller Ireland

Nearer the Queensboro Bridge

My ties are still there

In dear Woodside fair

An Irish lass surely --bewitched

The Love Rondell   (- not a limerick, more of a subtle invitation.)

My dearest, you will be
Forever young to me
By glow of magic moon
And bright star shine.

In shadow at the secret grove
We shall fondle and embrace
Our bodies tenderly entwined
Till passion is fulfilled.

And all about, a wondrous sound
As small birds sing love’s melody.
My dearest, you will always be
So loved, and ever young to me.

By glow of magic moon
And bright star shine
My dearest, you will be
Forever young to me.

Ed O'Toole

There was a young a man from Kanturk,
His name was John Patrick Quirk,

He prayed up above,
to find his true love,

He found it was nuch too much work.

He tried on line dating.
His dream, it was fading,

Until he met Miss Kathleen Burke.

Her screen name was Katie,
A beautiful lady,
They quickly became real soul mates.

So despite all his prayers,
John Patrick, he swears,
His good fortune he owes to Bill Gates.

Maryann Tracy

There was a Indian prince named Sanjay.
Whose parents arranged marriage to
Princess Akkadevi of Bombay,

But she went to Ireland on holiday,
Fell madly in love with a bloke from Galway,

And now she's just Devvi O'Shea.

Heeheehee!  Great!

LOL! Good one Maryann!

She was a blue eyed lass from Tipperary

but rarely a lad did she meet

who fancied her brain o'er her fanny.

Too many lads drooled and made passes

at silly,,  dumb lasses

marrying not for love but for lust

Twas not till well after when beauty did fade

that they regretted the losses of bright thinking lasses

who had brains as well as  a bust.


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