Why the Hell do I love Gabriel Byrne and how do I know it's Love-not like but Love?

No matter that I have not met Gabriel--forget that for but a few moments as I explain myself.
Well first off-because so many people think it's odd that I a 23 year old just loves Gabriel. They usually raise their brows or look funny at me and go b-but he's 63! It's funny when they do this-at least to me and only because honestly for myself um what the fuck-I could give a shit less about "age," age has nothing to do with it. Numbers mean nothing-not when you know you would damn well do anything or continue to love them unconditionally no matter what. Okay maybe I got a little bit ahead of myself there, though I love Gabriel for various reasons and it's not about popularity, status or money. Gabriel could be friggin homeless and I would still love him. I know it's love when I feel this burning desire to do whatever it takes to get Gabriel to notice me eventually. I know it's love when I know damn well I would love him no matter what, no matter if he ever went back to being an alcoholic(heaven forbid!) Though I'd find it within myself to raise him up and talk shit out. I know it's love when Gabriel could have the whitest hair and I'd still damn well love him. I know it's love when I'm willing to change and have started to see changes in my life simply because of Gabriel and although I have never met Gabriel-feeling as though my soul can feel his soul. Small powerful things like that-that I know it's love and not like. The fact that I can remember things that Gabriel has said at random. Hmm the fact that it's not just because Gabriel is Irish which is why I love him. No I love Gabriel because he's cheeky, funny, highly intellectual(rare and hard to find that!) , he dresses extremely well, he's a no bullshit type o' guy, he's charismatic, soulful, egoless, he's classy, he's rugged, he's clean, he's fresh, he's beautiful, he's hot, he's gentle, he's sweet, he's erotic, he's a true Taurus, his breathing is intoxicating, he's intoxicating, he's proper, he's thoughtful, he thinks loads, he's an artist-his writing, his thoughts, he's bloody perfect! I could go on and on and on, though I think I shall leave it there. Though those are just some of my own proclivities or perchance reasons why I love Gabriel. Oh and I'd love Gabriel unconditionally and even more no matter-the older he gets-I would take care of him-clean, cook do whatever he wanted or what he needed. // Alright I am off of this writing binge for the night! Xx //

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