Why people Should Not Criticize Gabriel Byrne About The Catholic Church & Other Thoughts

Things that have started running through my mind, such as why so many people have started to bash Gabriel Byrne so harshly. Bash him over what his thoughts are over the Catholic Church. Which indeed Mr. Byrne is right about in terms of the fact that, the Catholic Church is as a whole, a corrupted institution no?! The Catholic Church indeed remains a corrupt institution--I mean if one looks at things like "The Tudors," "The Borgias," "Pillars of the Earth," or indeed even the current documentaries "Mea Culpa," or the one about the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland. Well it just goes to show how corrupt the Catholic Church is as a whole institution. "The Tudors," "The Borgias," and indeed even "Pillars of the Earth," while fiction--there are elements of those shows which are embedded deeply into the Catholic Church's history. As well, Pope Francis is but a stepping stone to turn the Church around. I mean it's great he has been outspoken on such issues and said that gays can be in the church without a problem. Or that Pope Francis is actually actively doing something about priests and other religious who abuse children and whatnot. That's great though he said the thing that will remain firm is the rule of women in the church. That-that rule will stand that women cannot be priests. I wonder still.....why the hell not?! Or why can priests still not marry?! The only reason that rule came about was back in medieval times because the church would lose land. Though what land will the church lose if priests marry?! The more I'm constantly seeing what is going on in the church or like Gabriel I was raised Catholic. Though the more I see and hear the more I just-I have come to realise just how right Gabriel is on so many levels. It took me so long to debate is it true but Gabriel is constanly being proved true by the steps the Catholic Church continues to go in. If the Catholic Church continues to go in that direction, I'm not following. As it is-I disagree on various levels with the Church-abortion should be a woman's choice not the church's. Hmm....the church should just bud out in terms of the death penalty.....the death penalty again should be pro choice. Just....through seeing and hearing things I know I'm on the ledge with the church-I s'pose I only go to church now just to sing in the choir or just because my Mom wants me to go. I am on the ledge with the church-the breaking point-I definitely do not agree with the church as a whole institution. I think it's like what Stigmata says more ore less actually "Jesus said... the Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood... and I am there, lift a stone... and you will find me."  Though ultimately I think....

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