The Irish in the American Civil War MONUMENT

Hello and Happy Paddys day to all . I havent been online for a while and this issue has probably been discussed but Im reminded by an article from CANADA where they announce that they are to erect a monument (Left: An artist's rendering of the new monument) to the Canadians who participated in the US Civil War  see  . Accortding to this about 50000 Canadians fought in the war . 

And then we have the Irish here in Ireland who cant seem to commerate properly ?  According to the author of the  wonderful book , "The Irish in the American Civil War" , Damien Shiels  { And Wild Geese member } , "just under 200,000 Irishmen took part in the American Civil War , making it one of the most significant conflicts in Irish History" .

When are we as a people in Ireland going to remember and honour our ancestors who helped to forge America as we know it today and remember their contribution to not only a nation  but to create the strong links that remain to this day .  

Again Happy ST PATRICKS DAY ........

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