Atop the mystical hill of Tara stands the stone of Fal, one of four treasures brought to Ireland by the Tuatha de Dannan. It is otherwise known as the ‘stone of destiny.’ There, through the ages, all ard ri (high kings) were crowned. Marriage ceremonies took place there also. These rites were always blessed by the Druid, the holy man of the Celtic peoples. The Brehons, the law makers, dressed in their yellow robes, made these rituals binding. Across the glen and over the winding river Boyne, is the sacred mound of Newgrange, ‘bru Na boine.’ This area is held sacred until the present day. The claddagh ring is a mystical symbol representing love, friendship and fidelity.

The Hill

On Tara's sacred hill are found,
in unison and heartfelt troth.
A pair of old true lovers bound,
by brehon law and Celtic knot.

The spirits gather all around,
with their power they now instill.
In moonbeam bright and clear starlight,
two Claddagh rings fulfill. 

He holds her to his beating heart,
and swears his love this night.
The maid she swears they'll never part,
evermore will their souls take flight.

They walk across the valley floor,
to the mound above the Boyne.
And offer there to ancient yore,
their souls and hearts and minds.

A saddled mare for them awaits,
in patient silence and to greet.
This pair who here have coupled fate,
together now, night bound and fleet.

From "The Journey: A Nomad Reflects."

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