~ Randomness ~ R.I.P. Seamus Heaney ~

Err....umm, well it was something I posted on The Irish Times commenting on one of 

the articles there.

I came late to his poems 
A lil young foundling I think I could and would be 
To such a wise and magical sage; such as he 
He whose poems spoke of the Irish truth; 
Of le Irish way of living then; 
Days of yore that none seem to want to remember save for the older generation; Though more of the young should want for it tis the Older generation whom paves the way; 
Memories of certain actors diminishing left and right; 
Memories of other greats: Bill Clinton, Nick Dunning; 
Memories which one of other of the Irish greats;  
Gabriel Byrne holds deep within; 
Aye, tis not about Gabriel but about the late 
Seamus Heaney - A bloody brilliant Irishmen's Irishman; 
I do not know Irish or even Gaelic and; 
Yet Seamus Heaney; 
Whom has inspired me to write this, well; 
With help from Google Translate I will say; 
Féidir leat a bheith i síocháin agus turas go maith.

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