'That's Just How It Was' a Paean To Granny, Irish Indomitability

PRESTON, England – Bridget Nolan was born on September 12, 1884 in Ireland. During her lifetime, she battled poverty, found love and witnessed the births of several grandchildren, including author Mary Thorpe. Thorpe pays tribute to her grandmother and immortalizes her grandmother’s lifetime in her book, “That’s Just How it Was” (AuthorHouse, October 2014).

Thorpe begins her book with an in-depth look at Ireland’s history during the time of her great-grandparents’ births. Citing numerous noteworthy events, Thorpe follows Ireland’s history since 1884, when her grandmother was born. She uses the past to frame her grandmother’s upbringing, emphasizing the difficult and almost hopeless landscape that many people were born into in Ireland in the late 1800s.

By retelling her grandmother’s triumphs against all odds, Thorpe hopes to inspire readers of all ages and walks of life, while helping them understand the difficult circumstances of 1800s Ireland

An excerpt:

Crossthwaithe Park had wrapped itself around her like a comforting blanket, like only wealth can do. Bridget did appreciate everything that her Master had taught her and she owed all her cooking skills and sense of knowledge, with regard to spices, herbs to the cook. All of this learning was to allow her to move forward in her new life, and she was going to need all of this skills to face her future. ...  

"That's Just How It Was" can be purchased on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and as an e-book.

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