'May Day, May Day': The Irish Connection

As May Day is observed around the world, we take a look at the close connection between the Irish and the efforts to organize labor around the world. At home in Ireland the fight was led by men like James Connolly and "Big Jim" Larkin. In the United States the early leaders of the labor union movement included Irish-Americans like Terence Powderly of the "Knights of Labor" and Irish-born leaders like the dimunitive human dynamo, Cork-born Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, and that tradition has continued with people like George Meany in the 20th century and John Sweeney, who was president of the AFL-CIO at the beginning of the 21st century. Wherever the struggle for the rights of working people to a living wage and a safe working-environment has been fought, the Irish have been there. Below are some of the articles that have been published here on The Wild Geese chronicling that long, noble tradition.

'Jimmy's Hall' En Route to Big Screens Throughout US

'Honorably Arrested': The Irish Behind the National Maritime Union

Mary Harris Jones: One Tough 'Mother'  

Q&A with 'Lockout' Playwright, Historian Ann Matthews

The Irish in Labor

Mother Jones Speaks

The Kate Mullany National Historic Site

Work! -- Tell Us How It Defines You AND Your Irish Ancestors

An Excess of Abominations – Ireland’s Three ‘Bloody Sundays'

Beer, Strikebreaking, Exquisite Furniture: How Work Came to Define ...

The Irish 'Backbone' of the Erie Canal

Mary Quaile: Trade Unionist

Lockout: Dublin 1913

Irish Lady Who Gave Them Hell

Leaders of the 1916 Easter Rising: James Connolly

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