The aggregate narrative on America’s Independence,

containing both the Colonial and British sides.  

Volume 2 of the Irish-American Story has finally been published. Even as I wrote it, I was in awe as to the deeds of Barry, Moylan, Luke Ryan, Morgan,  Sullivan, O'Brien, Wayne and many many others. The narrative covers the many land battles as well as those at sea. Perhaps for the first time, the reader will learn of those Irish born who fought for the Brits. Were you aware that Lord Cornwallis didn't surrender at Yorktown, he sent an Irishman, Charles O'Hara, to do it for him. That Luke Ryan "... captain of the Black Prince privateer during the war, who captured more vessels belonging to Great Britain than any other single ship during the war" from "Luke Ryan's Obituary as reported in the "Gentleman's Magazine," June 1789.

That old Ben Franklin established an underground railroad that enable POWs from English prisons to escape to France.

If you're Irish or a history buff, this is one narrative you shouldn't miss.

A Note to Gerry, you copy will be sent as soon as I receive my first order.

James Francis Smith

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