Irish History Site Celebrates Relaunch with On-Line Event

The (New) Wild Geese Debuts Sat., Mar. 9

NEW YORK -- An online kick-off to the St. Patrick's Day season, the reimagined Irish history and heritage website The Wild Geese goes live Saturday, March 9 at 9 AM (ET) as with a seven-hour digital launch party, featuring contests, prizes, online panels and an open invitation to connect, chat and collaborate with others around the world who cherish the epic history of the Irish … worldwide.

All the events of the day and benefits of the site are open to all who sign-up, for free, as Wild Geese members. Once members, they can set-up their own personal pages, begin blogging on their Irish topics of interest, create groups around their Irish passions, share videos, photos, and music, or join existing groups that match their interests.

On "Launch Day," members will participate in live panel discussions and Q&A with subject-matter experts and devotees, covering the wide breadth of The Wild Geese’s content, with six sessions, focused on travel, cooking, genealogy, the legacies of Ireland’s Cillini and Magadelene Laundry abuses, and the Irish who fought in America’s Civil War. The venues will include the site’s Main Chat Room and Google Hangout. (for the schedule go to LINK)

Festivities hosted on the redesigned site will include a members-only prize drawing of Irish-themed film posters, jewelry, CDs and books every hour and contests for members that will be judged by members, including:

·  Tell Us Your Irish Story - where members post their personal takes, or stories, on epic Irish history.

·  The Irish Experience - Freeze Frame! where members share photos they’ve shot, and voters (fellow members) acknowledge their favorite iconic images of the global Irish community among those uploaded.

Among the prizes to be awarded are premium photo packages from The Wild Geese Irish Heritage Partner Irish Homeland Photography ( The firm’s director, photographer Ryan O’Rourke, provides made-to-order photo packages of the exact scenes and structures in Ireland that hold meaning to you.

Right: One of the cottages of the Cill Rialaig Project, a village for artists and authors out on the end of the Kerry (Iveragh) peninsula. WG Photo / Joe Gannon

Saturday's launch is the culmination of more than 15 years of dedication to preserving, exploring and discussing the great themes of Irish history and heritage, in Ireland and among the world's 70 million of Irish descent. The (New) Wild Geese re-emerges on Saturday with its rich historical and narrative content showcased on a sharp, contemporary-looking, easy-to-navigate site and with compelling new community and social-sharing capabilities that encourage members to research, write and broadcast articles and multimedia and post events focused on their own Irish interests to a passionate worldwide community.

"As a Wild Geese member, you'll be able to participate in exclusive forums, video and teleconferences and other dynamic learning experiences for free, as well as enjoy concierge services connecting you to heritage products, events and services to best fit your needs," Executive Producer Gerry Regan said. “As Heritage Partners, marketers will be engaging the true faithful, the masses who’ve never stopped believing that the Irish story, including their own, remains epic in scale.”

"Join us in supporting the preservation of Irish heritage worldwide by adding your voice to the growing number within The Wild Geese community," he added.

Recap: The (New) Wild Geese Online Launch Party, Sat, Mar. 9, 9AM to 4PM (ET). Become a member for no charge at to join the festivities.

Panel discussion schedule (all times ET):

  • 9 AM: “Travel Hag” blogger, author, tour guide Mindie Burgoyne fields questions about Irish travel and the “Thin Places” in Ireland where our world intersects with ‘the other.’
  • 10 AM: Dublin-based genealogist Nicola Morris focuses on researching your Irish family history. 
  • 11 AM: Bloggers and Irish cooking devotees Mairead Geary aka “Irish American Mom” and WG’s own Maryann Tracy will field discussion of Irish cooking, traditional and otherwise.
  • NOON: Ireland-based author & archaeologist Damian Shiels, writer & WG Associate Editor Robbie Doyle and WG Editor at Large Liam Murphy field questions on the Irish in America’s Civil War.
  • 2 PM: Archaeologist Toni McGuire, Magdalene activist Mari Steed and WG Preservation Editor will discuss the Legacy of Ireland’s Cillini and Magdalene Laundries.
  • 3 PM: Our final panel of the day, headed by William Patterson University’s Richard Kearney, will focus on The Dublin Lockout and leading Irish activists in the American labor movement.

Background on The Wild Geese
Year of Launch: 1997

Mission: Every day, with the help of  members, readers, and Irish Heritage Partners, The Wild Geese explores, promotes, preserves, and celebrates the epic heritage of the Irish around the world -- through compelling content, evolving technologies, a dynamic community, and collaborative marketing connections.
Namesake: Those 12,000 Irish soldiers, families in tow, coerced into emigrating in the aftermath of the 1691 Treaty of Limerick. Many of these “Wild Geese” rose to prominence in armies and navies .... Though some would get another chance to strike a blow for Ireland, they were truly, as poet Emily Lawless said, "Fighters in every clime --- Every cause but our own."
Best Read Interviews: 2007 Q&A with indy film director Ken Loach (“Hidden Agenda,” “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”); The Wolfe Tones’ Derek Warfield (2003), Black 47 front man Larry Kirwan (2006), and former Boston College Belfast Project Director Ed Moloney (2011).
Number of Articles Online: 700+, a number increasing weekly.
Best’ Plug: Wall Street Journal “Best Pick” (2003) “for serious fans of Ireland’s contribution to world culture.”
Most Commented-On Series: ‘One Love: The Black Irish of Jamaica” (2003), by Rob Mullally
Co-Founders: Irish-Americans Gerry Regan (on right in photo) and Joe Gannon (on left, in picture taken in March 1992)
Slogan: “Exploring, Promoting, Preserving and Celebrating the Epic Heritage of the Irish … Worldwide”

Contact Information:

Media Contact: John Lee,, 917-653-3444

Comment by Irish Homeland Photography on March 6, 2013 at 10:02am

Good stuff, guys!  Really excited to see the new site launched.  BIG things ahead for

Comment by Fr. John R. Sheehan, SJ on March 6, 2013 at 2:34pm

My first time in Ireland was when I went to spend a year doing philosophy study as part of my Jesuit training. I went early, so I could spend a couple of weeks wandering the countryside before classes started, and for the months before I left I had tried to teach myself something of the Gaelic. I knew from studying other languages that in the early stages it is better not to listen too closely but to let the words wash over you and see what you can pick up. It also doesn't hurt if you're not completely sober.

So one night at a pub on the west coast where the tongue is spoken, I was drinking my pint and eavesdropping on two gentlemen next to me. After a bit I'm starting to pick up the odd word and a bit later I'm starting to get an idea of what they're talking about, and I felt fairly proud of myself.

Then I realized they were talking in English. Obviously time for another pint. 

Comment by Gerry Regan on March 6, 2013 at 3:58pm

LOL, Father. For a minute there I thought you were going to say they were Sprechen se Deutsche, which often seems more suggestive of Irish to me than most tongues I get to hear. Cead mile failte to The (New) Wild Geese. Any chance you have any mp3's of your Irish oeuvre you might share with us? 

Comment by Gerry Regan on March 6, 2013 at 3:59pm

Ryan, go raibh maith agat, and cead mile failte. At some point, might you share with us some of your stunningly evocative landscapes, and perhaps share how you captured them?

Comment by Irish Homeland Photography on March 6, 2013 at 4:07pm

Now that you mention it, Ger, are there any plans for an Irish language feature on the new site?  My wife and I are working toward fluency as we speak ... we have a ways to go, yet, but we're well on our way.  We live in the Connemara Gaeltacht now, so we're feverishly working to get to the point where we can converse freely with our friends and neighbours "as Gaeilge."

Comment by Gerry Regan on March 6, 2013 at 4:12pm

Ryan, we interviewed Padraic Breathnach, the translator of "Angela's Ashes" into Gaeilge. We will post in both English and as Gaeilge. Next week! 


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