Mr. Hurley – You win the brass ring. I know and use this sight and the info contained on there will lead to everything about Dan Daly! However, no documentation but  there is no documentation on lots of thins ... I love that site. I feel there are lots of people like myself who do not believe that is the answer.

Mr. Regan – On Dan Daly’s records (those available – no birth certificate) I feel that when his father got off the boat with family, he went looking for work and as Glen cove was becoming “the” resort spot …t here was plenty of building going on and thusly – work.

Mr. Cosgrove – Plenty of info added to my blog and go to the which John Hurley suggested. Then read answer he sent and communicate with him if you so desire.

Mr.  Sullivan - Thank you for that  and adding to our discussion. Have also used that sight with my "students". Have also encouraged them (and they have done so) to add their father and grandfather's names to the Purple Heart recipient's website which they are just building. 

To all of you: I already had what you have sent me. In teaching – I teach to “think outside the box”. Google, search other websites, participate as we are doing, and TALK to your relatives, even those you think you do not like. Things mellow out as we age and people want to talk and know all the family stuff they wondered about.   

I have always assisted seniors in finding their heritage and have not gotten into “famous” people but in doing the blog for The Wild Geese, I am taken aback at some of the famous people with no heritage documentation. So if you like, I will  publish a few more and you can research rather than read what someone else has researched -- or not. (LOL)


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