Irishmen everywhere celebrate the
1916 Easter Risings 100-Year Anniversary

Where was Irish Patriot Tom Barry during the Easter Rising of 1916? He along with a 150,000 Irishmen (49,000 of whom lost their lives) fought  in World War I as part of the British army.

Ireland's freedom had been won on the streets

of Dublin, and in the hills of Cork and Tipperary.

In the eyes of the world, however:

Their right to nationhood was earned

in the gullies of Gallipoli and the trenches of Flanders

To commemorate their sacrifice, I've reduced the Kindle and Nook prices of my historical novel, “The Last of the Fenians,” to $2.99 (The lowest they'd let me.) for the week 3/13 - 3/20/2016.

Beginning with the Prelude to war, the reader travels thru the great battles of WW I, the Anglo-Irish War, the Treaty, Ulster, and the Irish Civil War.

What's my skin in the game?

During the time of the troubles, a Cavan barmaid prevented Black & Tans from killing my father - by shouting, “He's a Yank!”

James Francis Smith, Author of The Irish-American Story Series

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