If you're reading this, you're probably proud of your Irish Heritage and rightly so. Honoring your family's roots is nothing to laugh at. There are several ways to do this, of course. Varying from studying the Irish language, playing Irish music, listening to Irish music, and other creative outlets. This leads to the question: How do you honor your Irish roots? Which route do you take? And how do you get the most out of it?

The connection to your Irish identity can be a timeless and important part of your life. For some, it is part of how they see themselves. With this in mind, embrace it and be creative. Especially if you live outside of Ireland, this nexus may be your only link to Irish culture. Make the most of it, everyday of the week set aside a day where you do activities related to Ireland that you enjoy. Do you enjoy reading Irish poetry? Do you enjoy writing Irish short stories, even playing in an Irish band? Make it a positive experience for yourself.

The fact that this certain day is set aside for your own cultural enlightenment makes its a special occasion. Most importantly, find out how you most passionately relate to Irish culture. Maybe it is through genealogy, genetic genealogy, or collecting Irish coins. For those outside of Ireland, this is particularly important. This is useful in maintaining a positive emotional connection to Ireland, so one does not lose that connection.

Whatever the case, enjoy the experience and make this day a worthwhile, intellectual experience. After all, what you do defines you as an individual, even on a personal, private level.

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