May 27, 1970: Arrests Lead to 'Arms Trial,' 40 Years of War in Ulster

On May 27, 1970, another Fianna Fail leader and Cork man (Jack Lynch) put his party ahead of the people when he had arrested John Kelly; Neil Blaney, TD; Capt James Kelly; and C. J. Haughey, TD; and charged them with the illegal import of arms ("the arms trial") for the people in the North, all were found not guilty by a jury of 12 citizens of Ireland. Fianna Fáil, went on to declare war on the nationalist people's protectors -- the Provisional IRA, who were formed after this event. The arrests and subsequent trial led to a 40-year war, in which 3,500 people lost their lives, thousands went to prison, and generations were destroyed.

Fast forward to the sixth of May 2016 and another Cork man (Michael Martin), leader of Fianna Fáil, stands idly by and allows a disgraced leader in the form of Enda Kenny to return to power and wreak more suffering on the Irish people. How many more lost lives by suicide? How many more homeless? How many more evictions? How many more plane loads of our young leaving to find work abroad? How many, Michael Martin?

Some parties never change. It's all about them and never the people of Ireland.

Philip Kelly's photo.
Philip Kelly's photo.
Philip Kelly's photo.

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Comment by Gerry Regan on May 16, 2016 at 8:02am

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