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Pete Hamill on Radio Free Eireann Saturday

The great Irish American journalist Pete Hamill will be our guest on Saturday December 5 at 12 Noon New York time. We will talk about his book Why Sinatra Matters which is being re-issued in time for the centenary of Sinatra's birth. Pete has written a new introduction for this edition.

As always, Radio Free Eireann is heard on WBAI 99.5 FM on the web. Unfortunately we still can't broadcast…

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British Commander Delivers Coup de Grâce to PBS' 'Bloody Irish'

I watched "The Bloody Irish: Songs of the 1916 Rising" on PBS Channel 21 last night.

The music -- great! The singers -- fabulous! The "history," especially the scenes in the GPO -- the less said the better. But it's the politics that really matter.

This show was made in Ireland for broadcast on PBS.…


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Review: How 'Jimmy's Hall' Created a Place to Debate -- and Dance

Suppose you could go to the movie theater and see a film about working people, struggling against great odds to enrich the quality of their lives. And suppose that instead of relying on a great individual leader, they made their own decisions and fought their own battles.

Then you would have a…


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Ed Moloney on Ian Paisley

Paisley Went Into Government With Sinn Féin Because the Unionist Side Won

John McDonagh (JM) and Sandy…


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Ed Moloney Explains the Orange Marches

Unionists Increasing Calculated Pressure on the Agreement

John McDonagh (JM) and Sandy Boyer (SB) interview via telephone journalist Ed Moloney, (EM) who authored the book "A Secret History of the IRA" and directed the Belfast Project, about the Twelfth of July in Ireland. Thanks…


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A Memorial for British Soldiers in the Bogside?

Kate Nash and Vincent Coyle Interviewed On Radio Free Eireann

Sandy Boyer (SB) and John McDonagh (JM) interview via telephone from Doire (Derry) Kate Nash (KN), the sister of William Nash who was killed by the British Army on Bloody Sunday, and Vincent Coyle (VC), who…


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A Tribute to Gerry Conlon

I am proud that Gerry Conlon was a friend of mine. Not surprisingly, what brought us together was that the British government kept framing people the same way they framed him.

I first heard from Gerry a few weeks after he got out of prison in October 1989. The phone rang and…


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'Spinning Heart' Portrays Those Abandoned By the Celtic Tiger

Fiction can often describe reality more fully than any number of newspaper articles or TV…


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Activist Margaretta D'Arcy on Radio Free Eireann: 'Not Willing To Pay ... To Be Silent'


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Ed Moloney on the Ivor Bell Case


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Boyer: The St. Patrick's Day Parade Versus Irish Freedom

When the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) marched up Fifth Avenue in New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade it should have been crystal clear, if it wasn't already, that this parade is incompatible with any serious effort to support Irish freedom. The PSNI is the…


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'Walls Along the Barricades' or Why Can't Protestants and Catholics Get Along?

A Book Review: "Walls – Travels Along The Barricades"

by Marcello Di Cintio



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The Story of Irish Women Political Prisoners

Book Review

"In the Footsteps of Anne, Stories of Republican Women Ex-Prisoners"

Compiled by Evelyn Brady, Eva Patterson, Kate Mc Kinney, Rosie Hamill and Pauline Jackson

Shanway Press

$35 from…


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Human Rights Are Under Threat in the North

By Sandy Boyer

Fifteen years ago, the Good Friday Agreement promised a Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland. Today there is still no Bill of Rights, and human rights are under a severe and sustained attack.  

Internment without charge or trial is back; “special” political offenses are being used to muzzle political activists; and the police have…


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Censorship of the Pensive Quill



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Radio Free Eireann Interview with Ed Moloney

John McDonagh (JM) and Sandy Boyer (SB) interviews author and journalist Ed Moloney (EM) who provides updates on the Boston College case and comments on the possible presidential candidacy of Peter King. (Eliza Butler (EB) also comments.) The Transcript…


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Martin Corey – Irish Political Prisoner Held Without Charge, Trial

Martin Corey has spent more than three years in Northern Ireland’s Maghaberry Prison. Although he hasn’t been charged with any crime, there is little prospect that he will be released any time in the foreseeable future. The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, a British Cabinet Minister, has revoked his license – parole in…


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