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The "True Story" of how a hundred blokes armed with carbines killed sixty thousand

I'm a historical novelist and I do my best to get the history right, until it gets in the way of a good story, I then declare the bits of history that I've changed or made up in the historical note at the end of the book. My job’s to entertain rather than educate but I’m not out to knowingly deceive anybody about the past.

However, for much of my career, I’ve been a…


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Proof copy of paperback version of my novel "Part an Irishman" arrived today.

This book represents the first installment of a planned trilogy that encompasses the progression of transported felon, John Turner Flinn through the various stages of the Tasmanian penal system of the 1840’s and is based upon actual records and newspaper articles from the time. The second novel will culminate in his being…


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Free Download of Historical Novel This Easter Weekend

I have  arranged for my novel "Part an Irishman" to be available via a free download from Amazon over the Easter weekend. This is to say thanks for all of the marvelous support and good will that I have received from my friends.

In 1820, Lieutenant John Turner Flinn R.N stood in the witness box in the House of Lords. The Queen of Great Britain…


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Forgotten Irish Catholic Hero and the Centenary of the Easter Rising


Van Diemen’s Land, Australia -- Richard…


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