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Another Gift from Ireland

His great grandparents were Dennis Harrigan, (born 1781 in Cork) and Catherine Driscoll (Cork).

His grandparents were Dennis Harrigan Jr, (born 1832 in New Brunswick, Canada) and Catherine Ahearn (born in Canada, father from Cork).

His mother was Catherine Helen Harrigan (born 1873 in Stillwater, Washington, Minnesota).

He was Harry…


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More Food for Thought on Redheads

After posting the DNA and genetic explanation of red hair - here is a list of famous people. Note the people from the bible. Genetics (our cellular makeup)has always been with us, of course, we know that, but hair color was noted many years ago by historians. We all carry genes from our ancestors of long ago. If you search hard enough, you will find a picture of all of these people on the internet with red hair - Google Images. Those who were living before cameras-were painted from…


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Red Hair - Where Does It Come From?

Where does red hair come from?  There is a lengthy and complex discussion of the red hair genetics here. Be sure and read the comments (everybody has an opinion and is an expert!) Within this…


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Transcription of Documents

There was no punctuation until the 15th century. This explains A LOT!


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James 'Crash' Ryan: Inventor of the 'Black Box'

Professor James J. Ryan II was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1903.  In a most literal sense, Professor James Ryan earned his nickname. A professor in the University of Minnesota’s mechanical engineering department from…


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Track Down Irish Surnames from Sept File

Those of you who are searching for your heritage – perhaps a little study of Irish Septs may help. If does not open, let me know and I will email you one.

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Answer to question: are there any descendants?

Descendants? yes and no. He had 6 children - 2 died under age 1, daughter died age 24 - not married, son who was Brig Gen. married was always in the military and away - one distinct 1900 census in the Philippines, one stray document with the McClernand surname but others seem to have changed name spelling. One daughter (the eldest) married Wirt Butler and she died at age 24  - and there are Butler descendants. Have looked at all know sources for trees - no children ever show up past…


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